Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Idiotic & Funny Moments of the Week

Example #1

     Me: How'd golfing go? I prayed you'd score high.
     Hubby: Thanks a lot. It worked. Too bad the point is to score low.
     Me: Facepalm


Example #2

    Zombie Elf: I'm really sick with the pox.
    Me *freakin' out*: The chickenpox?
    Zombie Elf: No! I ain't no chicken. It's the human-pox for sure!
    Me *looking at his mirthful face*: Are you even sick?
    Zombie Elf: No. I just wanted to see you go bonkers.
Note to self: 
Stop saying, "I'm going bonkers," around the children.


And finally 
Example #3

    The Scribe *talking to her friend*: There's something that's been bothering me about life.
    Friend: Like What?
    The Scribe: I snuck downstairs and saw a movie my mom was watching. It was a completely real movie, not one of those fake ones. Anyway, they showed how if someone dies you can put a needle into their eye and bring them back to life!
    Me *dying as I drove past a cemetery--did I really just write THIS post about parents (and Netflix) letting kids watch terrible things*
    The Scribe *not realizing I was still listening*: Just think about all those dead people buried in cemeteries. People could have brought them back to life, but no one cared. . . .
    Me *with a lot of explaining to do*

    I racked my brain after easing her fears.  What show had she seen?
    Then it hit me like a fart in the night--she'd seen Lockout!  I LOVE that show.  But it's not the best for imaginative children. 

    To see what I'm writing about--IF you have a strong stomach--go to 4:30 on this clip.

    Anyway, it's only Tuesday and it's already been a long week.

    I might just watch Lockout again.  It's filled with so many wonderful cliches that I get to turn my mind off. If you watch it, I hope you'll enjoy the silliness and hysterical one-liners proper people refuse to laugh at.

Hoping for a calmer week, for all of us,