Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When I grow up . . .

    I don't have much time to write today.  I'm speaking at a elementary school about "when I grow up" and I'm super nervous.  I know I'm supposed to act confident--and even lie on here--if I must.  Too bad for conformity; I'm telling it like it is.  
    Even if I have played my violin and sang at dozens of schools, that was different.  I didn't have to talk and stare people in the eyes.  
    I watched some videos on youtube about public speaking.  Some people say to imagine all the adults are naked--that's MESSED up! YUCK!  Why is it that men are the ones who usually recommend that?  Don't they always picture people being naked anyway?  Another guy said to stare at the back of the wall--which is not my style.
    Well, I hope this will go well since I'm scheduled to speak at five other schools after this--one is a jr. high and one is a high school.
    So, I should say I WAS nervous about talking.  Now I'm just nervous in general because I spilled a coke on Cade's laptop!!!  What do I tell him, I thought it was thirsty?!  This is gonna be bad.  
    But the guy married me for better or worse, right?  I think I'll call him and say, "I did something really bad.  Something unforgivable. . . ."
    Then I'll let him stew--think I did something worse than killing his baby.  It had all his video games and everything on it.  Anyway if he assumes I did something EXTREME, then when I tell him about his laptop, he'll practically run to me and hug me.  Then he'll say something like, "Oh, that's not bad.  And to think . . . I assumed you had an affair!"
    I'll smile and laugh.  "You can be so silly sometimes.  You know what they say about assuming."

    So, that's my day.  I killed Cade's computer and I think God's punishing me because I really should quit drinking coke AND start eating more food.
    Anyway, the talk is today.  I'm going to drink some coffee and be on my way.  They're videotaping it, so I'll post some of it later this week.

    Wish me luck--on all accounts.

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