Saturday, March 24, 2012

Alyssa Reyans Author of Letters From A Bipolar Mother

I'm so excited for today's post because I have Alyssa Reyans here--one of the sweetest authors I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Not only is she sweet, she's an inspiring writer.

Isn't this cool?!
I love her author photo.

Get ready for a real treat.
Here is the author of Letters From a Bipolar Mother.

First I’d like to thank my gracious host, Elisa, for having me here today and letting me run rampant all over her blog. I never quite know what to say when I do these guest posts.
    Do I talk about myself? No, that seems too snobbish.
    Do I talk about the book I’m actually here to promote? No, that seems to crass.
    What do I talk about?
    This is the conversation that happens between me and my brain as I type and delete the words that appear and disappear across my computer screen. I never really thought things through to this point when I clicked the publish button. I never thought about actually having to get out there and share myself beyond what I’d already done within the confines of the white shiny pages.
    But that’s what writing is about, exposing one’s nakedness to the world. It’s the underwear dream every middle schooler has at least once in their life. Except it’s not a dream. It’s real and a reality I willingly put myself into it. Which makes me wonder why? Why do I put myself out there, naked and exposed, for everyone to see?
    It’s a question I’ve asked myself often and depending on the day of the week the answer changes. Some days it’s a part of my healing process. A part of how I mend the battle scars etched across my being. Then there are the days it’s for others. For their unseen scars and unshed tears. Somedays it’s just because I’m angry. Angry I didn’t get a choice to be who or what I wanted to be but instead have been handed a life I didn’t want and am left to figure out how to navigate it, but then after the anger passes I realize even though this isn’t the life I would have chosen and it’s not necessarily the life I wanted, it’s still a pretty awesome life.
    I mean it’s led me here to sharing with you all and on the blog of a super awesome lady. That isn’t something I probably would have been able to do all by myself if I had been given full control. I’d probably still be in the little po dunk trailer park I was born in. Instead I’ve traveled the world, sat on beaches with water so clear you could see the ocean floor and taste the sea salt in the air. Once I stopped fighting the life I was given and began to embrace it, I realized there wasn’t much I couldn’t do. Some people call it “crazy, I prefer to think of it as a super power. Kinda like invisibility only ten times more awesome. It’s all about perspective. You can either be embarrassed or strut your stuff. Just be sure you’re wearing the right day of the week’s underwear and the rest will work itself out.

    As a special thanks to Elisa and all of you for having me. I’m having a giveaway on my blog. A signed paperback copy of my book, Letters From A Bipolar Mother and a $10 Amazon gift card. To enter just visit my blog and enter via the rafflecopter.


    To visit Alyssa's fantastic blog, please go HERE.