Monday, March 5, 2012

Toot Toot!

    Thanks to all of your support and generosity, Melynda's book, "Just Nonsense" made it to the 5th best selling book for family humor on Amazon last weekend!  It's still listed as #6 even today!  If you don't know what I'm talking about, please go here: 

"Just Nonsense" Release and Blogfest!

    Isn't that awesome?!  What an accomplishment for an amazing person.  Her book just came out and she's already considered an Amazon best seller!  I'm so proud of her and her writing--so thankful to have her as a friend.
    On another note, I've been getting ready for my next book release.  Wow--it's busy setting everything up.  Some neat things have happened though.  It sounds like Journal Jabber would like to interview me about surprising Melynda with "Just Nonsense" and writing "The Sword of Senack."  The northern library systems in Utah are going to order copies.  The main librarian read an advance copy and loved it--which is fantastic news.  And I recently talked with the woman over the Girl Scouts of Utah and they're considering letting me speak to the whole Northern Region so the girls can get their writing badges.
    Also, through all of this, Wayman Publishing has received some fun entries for the contest, but is excited to have more to judge.  Don't forget, art entries are free--Fishducky where's your entry?! :) 

    And the final news.  The Scribe and the Zombie Elf have the flu today.  I only got an hour of sleep last night and between preparing for "The Sword of Senack," blogging, taking care of kids and cooking meals that are forgotten and then burned, I'm running on fumes.  But at least it's led to some hilarious experiences, like how the oven started on fire the other day.  The Zombie Elf put a toy in it and while I preheated the oven, the fires blazed. 
Note: It's amazing what pictures you can find on google!

    Well, enough of that.  I'm going to take a nap--hopefully.
      I am so blessed.  Writing can be a tough gig, but just having people read my work feels wonderful.
    Have a great day!


What a blessing for Melynda and what an accomplishment for you on your new book! Looks like I've missed a lot of things these past couple of weeks so hopefully I'll catch up soon! I've missed you!

LOL those toys in the oven seem to keep magically appearing..hahaha, glad you caught it though before it burned the whole place down. Awesome news for your book too, have a nice nap.

Happy for Melynda! You guys were awesome to help her out like that.
Wonderful news on several fronts with your new book! Congrats to you, too!
Glad you caught the oven fire. That happened to my aunt when her twins were little and they got black specks of burnt plastic all over the house!
Have a great week! :)

I wish I could blame my kids for the oven/stove fires in my house over the years. Nope, it was all me. Best wishes on your latest book.

Elisa, you are a rock star! I can't believe everything you pack into one day! Take your nap kiddo if you can squeeze one in with the sick kiddo's. I'm glad the house didn't burn down. How come he only does that when I'm on the phone with you? I was just thinking about the last time he did it and I was also on the phone with you! lol That kid! Hope everyone feels better soon. Miss your face! Thank you for being my best bud! You are amazing!

Apart from the stove catching fire and the two littlies being ill with flu (holding thumbs the other two don't come down with it, too, or YOU!), this post is full of wonderful news! I am so glad you and Melynda are getting this timely lift. Both of you are more than deserving of any good fortune that comes your way. It's amazing how things snowball, too, so I just know that even more exciting happenings are waiting in the wings for both of you!

Congratulations! It sounds like everything is going great--except for the flu, of course!

In answer to your question about my entry, I don't do fantasy writing. My life is all the fantasy I can handle!!

Congratulations! It sounds like you're having some busy times ahead ^_^ I admire people that can write.
I am using my brushes and paint :) Have a great day and hope that your flu will get better soon.


Congratulations on everything...minus the flu and the fire. Gotta love the Internet. Sometimes it can be a festering hive of trolls, but occasionally you get to see just how awesome people can be with one another.

I really want to enter this contest! (1041 words into the story now, probably at laest 100 or so to go, and I don't know where the surplus are going to come out of.)
Is there a list of rules anywhere, like whether hyphenated words count as one or two, and if one person is allowed a picture and a story entry (I've ended up doing a lot of drawing trying to make my monster functional)?

How fun! :) Hyphenated words count as one word. You can enter as much as you like. Here's the link to the additional info ;)

You are all so sweet. Thank you ;) The kids seem to be feeling a little bit better. They might even let me go visit blogs now--yahoo!

I'm sooo happy for Melynda!! If anyone deserves it , it's her. She's awesome and you're such a good friend!! xoxo Can't wait to see your new book :)

Whoo Hoo! I'm so proud of you and Melynda! Good news on all fronts. I just finished reading The Golden Sky, and I'm still reeling from how much I loved it. By the way, Butch won't stop taking his diaper off...any tips?


About to lose it in Kansas

Thank you for reading it! I'm so glad you liked it--I have the biggest smile on my face right now. What a wonderful comment ;)

When the Scribe kept taking her diaper off, I found pants that were so tight she couldn't take them off let alone the diaper LOL! I swear, people who make diapers need to get their acts together *still smiling*

Thanks. :) Glad to hear the kids are on the mend.
And delighted to hear about the hyphens: current word count 1338, estimate at least 50 away from the end and it is stripped to the bare bones and as tight as ... I know there's a great simile somewhere but I can't find it.

All such great news--besides the Scribe and the Zombie Elf having the flu--and I love that Melynda's book is only $2.99 for Kindle! I can't wait to read it. I love getting books that I know I'll most likely enjoy :)

It sure is great knowing Melynda's book is such a success and hope it continues to be popular and hoping you have the same success with yours as well. Hope the Scribe & Zombie recover quickly. Take care of yourself.

Hey good lookin'. Whatcha got cookin'? Toys! I haven't even bought Mel's book yet. I want to order it at the same time as your new book. What age group is it appropriate for besides people like me who never grow up? Which means, of course, that I also never grow old.

Janie young at heart junebug

Elisa, warrior woman that you are! You are beyond amazing.

That is great news for Melynda she deserves it

I bought my copy the other day. So many stories I haven't heard. :) Can't wait for SOS, hoping it may help the boys with the loss of their Dad.

You are so sweet! It's geared toward young adults, but completely appropriate for younger kids. I've even had some kids in fourth and fifth grade read it and they seemed to enjoy it as much as adults have lol!

You are all so good to me. I'm getting really excited for 3/17. I have some big plans ;)

I bet it's amazing ;) If you submit it at that length, I'll let the judges know. Sometimes telling the perfect story can't be restricted to a certain number of words. I'm sure they'll understand since you're so close ;)

I'm so excited for your books to come out. I'm going to either use it as christmas presents for all of my friends with children or when my friends babies are born, give this to them as a gift! You can never go wrong with a good book!

Hey busy girl, can't wait to see what you do next :) Lucky thing there was no cat in that oven ;/

Dear Elisa,
One of these fine days all of us who've read your blog will be able to say, "I know a famous writer! And she's friends with another Utah writer! And the two of them are still just wonderful human beings. Being rich and famous hasn't gone to their heads!!!!!"


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