Wednesday, March 28, 2012

How to Write a Story

    Yesterday went so well!  And guess what--I'm going to another school today--not to mention that I got a speaking engagement for next Tuesday at a local college!  Things are getting so busy/exciting.
    Anyway, I spoke for an hour.  Here's a short clip from the end of the presentation.  There were 150 kids at this one.  I really had a ball and just cut loose.

Oh and Cade was actually really nice about the laptop, after he screamed for just a moment.  I took it to the computer shop and I hope they can replace the keyboard.  Thanks for all of your kind thoughts.  You might be the reason my funeral service won't be held this week.

    Anyway, here's how I helped the kids write a story (with music included because it made me less nervous.)

    Here's the basic dialogue in case it's hard to hear:

Me: What kind of story would you like to help me make up today?

A little boy: Something about a dragon who goes into a city.

Me: Perfect. What kind of music should I play for that?  Something scary, right?
*Me playing low notes on the violin*

Me: So the dragon goes into the city.  I bet this is from the dragon's point of view.  Maybe we should have him win something.  Is there a reason he's visiting the city?

A little girl: He's hungry so he found a bakeshop.  But the baker got mad and tried to hurt the dragon.

Me:  What kind of music can I play for someone who's hungry?
*Me playing silly music*
See, that song made me hungry!  So, he sees the baker and the baker's upset.  What should happen next?

A little boy: Some elves come and start a war!  Then the dragon left from his town in . . . Italy and went to the United States.

Me: Oh my.  How do all of you feel about a dragon being in the United States?!
*Me playing Old Lang Syne*
What happens now?

A little boy: Someone fights the dragon with a bazooka!

*Me playing a sharp note on the violin and acting like I got shot*

A little girl: Then the dragon searches for more food.

Me:  And I bet he finds the baker again.  I think we're getting close to the end.  Can one of you make this a happy ending?  Save us!

A little boy: He found some food.

*Me playing a happy fiddle song*

A little girl: The dragon goes back to Italy.  He finds a cave to live in and a girl to marry.

Me: That's perfect.  How does the wedding song go again?

*The kids sing "Here Comes the Bride" and then I start playing the violin with them*

All in all, I think it went great.  I had such a blast! 

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