Thursday, March 22, 2012

I have a thing for scurvy pirates! Do you?

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Now, onto the post of the day.

My favorite character came from deep inside my imagination.  He's wild and brave--half pirate, half genius.  He's not scared of anything!  Let me show you what I mean.  Here's another excerpt from "The Sword of Senack."

Vander Fisher.

     "I always wanted to meet pirates," Vander whispered. "I just never thought I’d get captured by them!"
     One pirate must have heard Vander for he grinned widely and said something under his breath to another buccaneer. The two of them broke out laughing.

     Vander cleared his throat and then spoke in a loud voice. "Will you let me walk? Like a real pirate? I'm tough and strong!"
     Captain Iron Blood laughed. "There’s no reason to damage the goods, men . . . at least, not yet. Untie the boy."
    The men stopped dragging Vander, and a greasy little man hunkered down next to him and cut him free. Vander rubbed his wrists where the ropes had burned his skin, but other than that, he didn't show his pain.
      "A little pirate," a man who’d introduced himself as Gweets yelled in his scurvy, pirate voice. The other men around Vander had missing limbs, scars, tattoos.

    All this excited Vander, but a rebellious streak must have struck him. "I wouldn’t have cared anyway if you scurvy barnacles did treat me like scum or throw me in the ocean," he shouted. "I can breathe in water! I bet I can. I’m real strong. I ain’t scared of sharks. I ain’t scared of planks or jellyfish."
     "You would be, if ya could see the jellyfish that took me other eye," a lanky pirate said.
     "Was it a big one?" Vander asked, immediately intrigued.
     "The fish or the eye?" the pirate asked. His reply sounded exactly like something Vander would say--maybe the kid was meant to be a pirate.

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