Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Just Nonsense" Release and Blogfest!

    Here's the deal.  Melynda's first book has been released!!!  She just found out last night--it was priceless.  And just between the Internet and me . . . I think she's pretty thrilled. 
    As you know, Melynda's been through some tough times (blindness etc.).  That's why I worked with Joshua (from Vive le Nerd) and Fishducky (the goddess of awesomeness), to edit the first three months of Melynda's blog posts.  We've surprised her with the book, but the excitement doesn't stop there.  You can buy her work on Amazon, for kindle, and on Smashwords!  
    To top that off, now we're having a blogfest to celebrate.

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    This blogfest is all about my buddy, Melynda.  She is AMAZING.  The woman has been a tower of strength for me.  Now she needs some love and support.  She's having another eye surgery and this is our time to try and make things better--if only a little bit.
    So people, get 'r done!

    Oh and here's my contribution for the blogfest.  You already know how much I love Melynda, so here's another funny memory I have with her.

The Snore

   Melynda and I hang out a lot.  Odds are if we're going to meet someone hilarious, it'll happen when we're together.  I'd made some spicy food and we sat at the table when a neighbor knocked on the door.  The woman came in and after we kept inviting her to eat, she finally sat down.
    "Sometimes marriage is just terrible," the woman said.  "When my husband wants to be intimate, that's when I pull out 'the snore.'"
    Melynda and I just looked at each other.  "The Snore?" we asked in unison because it was horrid and interesting all mixed up!
    "Yeah," the woman responded.  "When you pretend to be sleeping.  The second your husband tries seducing you, by kissing you on the neck, that sort of thing, you just snore."
    Melynda was about to bust with laughter.  She sipped her diet coke and I wished I could know what she was thinking!  "Hasn't he caught on?" she asked--actually keeping a straight face.  "Isn't it a bit obvious?"
    The woman held her spoon with her pinkie out.  "Just when he's catching on," she whispered, "then I snore louder.  It works like a charm every time.  You should try it.  It's foolproof."
    So, although I'm not a 'snorer' and I bet Melynda isn't either, we made a pact to try it.  "This is so interesting!  I'll tell Cade it's a joke, but I want to see if it works first," I said after the woman left.
    Melynda laughed.  "This'll be good!"
    The next morning, we talked really early.  "Did you try it?" I blurted because some moments are just golden.
    "The snore," she finished my thought and started giggling.  "It didn't work at all."
    "For me either.  I snored, but then I opened my left eye to see if Cade was watching."  What can I say, I suck at 'snoring.'  "What happened to you?" I asked.
    "Mid-snore, I started laughing.  Phil thought it was hysterical."
    It was pretty funny.  "We aren't made to be snorers," I said.
    "Agreed.  But at least now we know her theory is terrible."
    "True," I said, happy knowing I wasn't meant to snore.