Monday, August 8, 2011

The Student Council Might Kill Me

    The Scribe decided to run for student council.  Too bad her ex-best friend/worst enemy is running too!
    If you don't know what I'm talking about, here's that post: When you least expect it . . .


    Anyway, The Scribe wrote an essay and turned it in last Friday.

Student Council Essay

     I love my Elementary school, and I want to make it an even happier place. I want our school to be like a family where kids can share, learn and grow.

     This week I had a very hard week. I wasn't getting along with someone I used to be best friends with. We bullied each other. Things got worse and worse.

     Then, my teacher stepped in and asked for me to talk to her. She taught me how a good attitude can solve most problems. She showed me that with a bright and open mind, I can change my school and the world into a better place.

     With this as my goal, if I become a member of the student council, I promise to work hard to make others happy. I promise to help keep our school as an open and bright environment where kids can learn and grow together.

    They can only have three council members in the 4th grade, and a bunch of other kids are running too.  It will be really interesting to see if The Scribe wins, if her ex-friend wins, if they both get it, or both lose.
    I'm on pins and needles over here.
    We'll find out the results tonight!


  1. She sounds so mature! I would never write something this nice. :) ;D

    I sure hope she gets it :) all fingers crossed.

  2. Jaxon is running for student council too - hope they both make it :)

  3. Thanks, Baiba. We commented on each other's blogs at the same time LOL!

    That would be so awesome :0) The Scribe has THE BIGGEST cruch on Jaxon though. She talks about him all the time *giggles*


  4. Having just read both of the blogs about Scribe--the one about being bullied and this one about running for the student council--I find myself admiring her greatly. Her feet are planted so firmly on the ground. She's grounded. And her heart is filled with goodness. She's good. And her head reveals that she sees clearly those who touch her life. She's clear-sighted.
    It's wonderful to know about such a fine young human being.

  5. I read these comments to The Scribe before she went to school today. You should have seen her face.
    She smiled. "Even if I don't get it, those comments were pretty neat."
    Thanks for making her day ;)

  6. She most definitely deserves to win but if she doesn't, then no biggie...I'm pretty sure this girl could easily take the whole world by storm as she grows up! That was an awesome essay and better than that politicians of today! Go Scribe!

  7. I'm on team Scribe too. In fact if they were doing the Vote for Scribe buttons i'd wear mine proudly. You are all right. She is a bright and sweet girl. She will do something great with her life when she's all grown up and I can't wait to be along for the ride. You keep working my little Scribe. I love you bunches whether you win or not isn't important. What is, is that you do your best and have a good attitude either way. I'm so proud of you.

  8. What a smart & insightful young thing! I sure hope she wins.

  9. Good luck Scribe! She has my vote!

  10. Tell The Scribe that was one of the most concise & thoughtful essays I"ve ever read. I would definitely vote for for the student council, if I could! I would EVEN vote for her for president. I'm sure she'd do a better job than our current administration. What is the Chicago slogan? Oh, yeah--"Vote Early & Often"!

  11. What a great essay! She is pretty darn wise and I hope she wins, since she wants to. Now, when I was in school, bamboo shoots under my toenails could not have persuaded me to run for office...or even stay awake for that matter.

  12. Awesome. How great is it that she's willing to put herself out there!?!

    I for one, was never brave enough.

    I hope she wins...

    ...and secretly hope she beats the snot out of the other girl...

  13. No one has heard the best of the best from The Scribe. Hahahaha. I will never forget it. You know what I'm talking about, right?

  14. I really like this kid!
    Can I vote??????????


  15. Elisa, thank you for posting several comments on my blog. I truly appreciate your reading my postings because your life seems so busy with four delightful children and writing and just living! I so enjoy your writing.

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