Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Hippie

    Today is The Hippie's birthday.  As I sit here reading her baby book, I keep thinking about all the joy she's brought to me.  That kid is absolutely hilarious.
    Here are some of my favorite memories (as I wrote them in her baby book):

To: The Hippie

Washer Girl 6/30/06
    You've been such a doll this week.  You're such a little teaser!         

    Today you found a wet wash cloth and after lightly rubbing my forehead with it, you started laughing and hitting me with the sopping thing! Then you ran far away as fast as you could, ‘cause you knew that if you didn’t run, I would tickle you.
    You sure make the days fun!

Ours??? 10/06
    Well, you’ve learned the word “mine.”  You love to point to your toys and say “mine, mine, mine.”    Today I was cleaning up toys and you came over to me, took one of your toys and said, “Mine.” 
    So, I took it back and say, “Mine.”
    We played like that for a little bit.  Finally I put the toy on the floor in the middle of us and said, “Ours.”
    You got this really surprised look and said, “Woah Ma, woah!”
It was so darling.  You’ll be a sharing machine now.

Lil’ Miss Cute Buns 10/06
    You sure have been talking.  You’re such a good baby.  We’ve been working on potty training.  It’s happening little by little.  Today I saw you in some precious levi pants.  Your cute buns looked so darling without your diaper on.  I told you, “You’ve got such a cute butt.  Whoo hoo.”  You smiled so big and strutted around. You know that you’re cute.  

    Later we went to Wal-Mart.  As we walked down one of the aisles you turned around and saw an old man behind us.  You pointed to your bum and told him, “Cute butt, huh!”  Then you just strutted away.  I was super embarrassed.  I turned beet red, but then after I was thinking about it I started laughing really hard.  You’re something else, something silly and sweet all at the same time.

Chewing Air? 10/06
    Today Daddy started feeding you and The Scribe lunch.  He noticed that you two weren’t eating and he said, “Scribe . . . Hippie . . . eat your food.”    

    The Scribe hurried and took a bite while you acted like you chewed.  Daddy believed you for a second, but you fake-chewed so big, he noticed there wasn’t any food in your mouth.  You are super smart.

Work’n 1/07
    Today we played a game.  I would say, “Where’s Scribe?”  You would point to her.  I would ask you where I was and you would point to me.  I asked you, “Where are you?” 
    You looked at me with a smile and said, “I’m out work’n!”

Car Wash 3/07
    We just went to see grandma Stilson.  She’s been pretty sick and we went to try and make her feel better.  While we drove home, it started raining.  I said, "Why does it have rain right now?"
    You yelled from the back seat, "'Cause I prayed for car wash!"
    You are so fun!

    Today we went to a BBQ at Aunt Rendy and Uncle Mark’s house.  You asked for a grilled hot dog.  Mark grilled it and then we watched him put some cheese on it for you.  I said, “Hippie! Wow!!  Look, a hot dog with cheese on it?  Does life get any better than that?”
    You said, “Yeah Mama, when I eat it!”  Everybody laughed and laughed.

Tatoe Buggie 10/07
    You love potato bugs.  You like them so much that you even try sneaking them into the house when you think I’m not looking.  It’s pretty funny how much you love those things.  That’s why something that you said today totally surprised me.  

    You came up and said, “Hey Mama, you wanna see a tatoe bug?” 
    I nodded.  

    You lifted up your foot, showed me the bottom of your shoe and said, “Yep he’s dead!”

You told me so, Mama! 12/07

    You pretended to be crying today.  I started fake crying with you, but as soon as I started, you stopped.  You gave me a really funny look.  You said, “Now, Mama, I’m gonna tell you something you’ve told me before.”  You pulled a stern face and said in a gruff voice, “QUIT CRYING LIKE A BABY!” 
     Oh, I laughed so hard!  That was absolutely hilarious!!!

Big Lips 1/08
     You came up to me today and got right in my face.  You looked at my mouth and then right into my eyes and said, “Mama, some people call you BIG LIPS, but I call you Mama!”  It was so funny.  I can’t figure out where you got that one from!

And my favorite of all . . .

Skunk? ….. Where? 3/2008
     We were all in the car today.  You said, “Hey, do you smell a Skunk?”
    “No, do you?
” I asked.
     You pointed at The Scribe and said, “Yep!  It’s just my sister!” 

    Happy Birthday, Hippie.  I LOVE you, kid.  I can hardly believe you're already seven!