Sunday, August 14, 2011

Put to Bed

    A sat down to tell The Hippie a bedtime story.
    "Once upon a time there was a woman," I said.  "She had long, blonde hair.  She had beautiful blue eyes, that could turn people into animals.
   "One day she saw a prince.  When she looked at him, he turned into a rabbit."
    This is when The Hippie stopped me.  "No, Mom," she said.  "She could control her powers.  So, the prince DID NOT turn into a rabbit."
    "A chipmunk?" I asked.
    "No," The Hippie said.
    "A moose?"
    "No!" The Hippie said.
    "A cute duck?"
    "An aardvark?"
    "What? No! No!"
    "A dolphin?" I finally whispered.
    "Yes.  Wait . . . no!  A panda."  She smiled sweetly as if she hadn't just yelled in my nice, motherly ear.  "The woman loved pandas."       
    Then, she finished the story that I'd started to put her to sleep with.
    "The woman took him home for a pet."  
    The story went on and on.   My eyes sagged peacefully.     
    "So, the panda and the weird animal woman, lived happily, ever after."
    Why is it that I always get tired during storytime?
    I almost snored for the peace of it all.  Such a good ending.
    "Did you like my story, Mama?" she asked after the panda and  the woman had gone on their long adventure.
    I nodded and curled up in her blanket.  She sang to me then and giggled.  "You're so easy to put to sleep," The Hippie said.
    I laughed and threw her pillow at her.


  1. Golly, I'm first to leave a comment today on your wonderful blog pages. Hippie's characters make me think that one day she'll be a writer too--just like her mama.
    Putting your delightful blogs about you and the children and Cade into a book would be a best-seller. I hope you're thinking about that.

    And Elisa, what about pre-ordering your book? Can we do that? Who's the publisher?

  2. I used to read to the boys before bed.

    3 hours later I'd wake up with the worst crick in my neck from falling asleep in their toddler beds.

  3. Hi Dee :)

    You are so sweet. I'm self-publishing (Wayman Publications). I'm offering pre-ordering through paypal. I just need an e-mail and then I can send an invoice to anyone interested in that.
    I'm starting to get so excited. I wrote my journal eight years ago. It's taken so long for me to have the courage to do something with it. I hope Zeke will be proud.

    That's so cute :0)


  4. I'm soooo back! That was a cute bonding with your child before bed. I'm excited with the release of your journal about Zeke... :)

    World of Vhincci

  5. Hey, I'm with Dee! I would like to know how much it would cost for the book and shipping to Latvia :)

  6. So cute. My kiddies love bed time stories. I make most of them up. I know it's something they'll always remember. Visiting and following from vBoks.

  7. uh I do the same thing. Mr. P will ask for a story and before the end I'm nodding off and he's nudging me saying "Are you gonna finish or do you want me too." Honestly I want him to so I can curl up and drift away to never never land..

  8. Bedtime stories have always been a ritual in my house...I read them from books, and my husband makes them up. I still read to my 11 year old!
    Following you from VB-

  9. So fun.

    The book is 9.99 usd. I looked up shipping to Latvia and it's around $13 for priority mail.
    You are such a doll :0)


  10. That's not expensive at all! I want it. Is there any chance I can order it this week?

  11. Sure, if you want to :) And then I'll ship it out, right when it's released in November.

  12. OK! Here's my email so you can contact me and send me all the details.

    I'm so excited now! ;D

  13. I found you through VoiceBoks but you're from Cordova? I am from Germantown. My husband is COO at Hope Church in Cordova. Is this a small world? :)

  14. Baiba,
    I'm sooo excited too :0) Psst. This is my first online sale (for my book).

    I bet it's gorgeous there. I live in the Western States though. I hope I'll get to travel someday ;)


  15. Aww! How sweet! My kids are old enough now to tell me stories and I think it's awesome, though only a couple of them are imaginative enough to want to.

    I'm really excited that you just made your first online book sale! Congratulations!

  16. I'm so glad to have found your blog through the vB GFC event! I did a quick follow, but wanted to come back, and give a proper hello. My husband used to make up his bedtime stories, and the girls' favorite was "The Care Bears Meet the Hog Ridin' Fools". There were many others too;)
    Thanks for coming by Mommy LaDy Club!

  17. :) wow! so sweet:)
    and congrats!!! am glad to know that you have just made your online book sale:) best wishes:)

  18. You, The Scribe & The Hippie all have absolutely wonderful imaginations & a great way of telling stories! Has The Zombie Elf shown any predeliction towards storytelling yet? Your family may be the next Bronte sisters--only happier!

  19. That is such a sweet moment! I like that she went with a panda...if I were a weird animal lady then I'd want a panda!

  20. Well, if that's not adorable, I don't know what is! I also fall asleep in my son's bed. It's tiny (toddler bed) but somehow comfortable. Especially after he insists on "reading" me on of his stories after I've finished mine. And by "reading," I mean repeating verbatim that which he's memorized from having it read over and over and over and over and over and over...

    Visiting you from vB (actually, from the GFC event). :)

  21. Sorry for the late reply...My computer at home just takes forever to load your it was acting up yesterday...
    Peanut will not permit me to fall asleep during stories. Ughhhhh