Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Shrink (Entry 26)

This post has been removed for the novel's debut in April, 2012 . . .


    Elisa isn't your regular nerd.  She's not the kind of person who quotes Monty Python, or has a periodic table tattooed on her butt.  No she's a different sort altogether.  She carries a duct-taped Bible everywhere, wears bright-orange polyester pants, and dyes her hair with red kool-aid.
    Even though she tries slipping by apart from the crowds, it doesn't help that her best friend happens to be "The Boarder," one of the cutest and most popular boys in school.  He's not willing to let her go unnoticed—not until she goes to the homecoming dance with another guy.
   "The Boarder" starts acting weird after the date goes well, and Elisa begins wondering if he's only been looking at her as a friend or maybe something more.  She must choose between her best friend and "The Bad Boy," but will she make the right choice?


  1. Honestly he did give you some good advice. As for his gender... I have run into the same problem several times. It can be hard sometimes when people are wearing neutral clothes and look neutral and sound neutral and walk neutral... lol

  2. And even cross their legs . . . neutrally LOL!

  3. Finding worth inside yourself is great advice, but you were NOT just going through teen stuff. You are the only person I know who had an exorcism as a teen! I had never heard the term shim...took me a couple of minutes to get it. :)

  4. I didn't get the word shim at first...

    I love your posts, and I lurk all the time, but today I had to come out and comment.

  5. That's such great feedback. I just changed the first mention of "shim." Here's what I changed it to: "I dubbed the shrink a she and a him . . . a shim." I think it'll be better now.

    As always, thanks for the feedback :)

  6. What about the Adams Apple? I've been told that the male's was more pronounced than the females. And, I didn't get the shim until I read the above comment. I like your term. You should use it with an explanation in brackets.

    Never mind, the piece is more important. You have a very interesting way to phrase things. I wish I even had a thimble full of your talent.


  7. I've been out of contact for a few days (hubby was home, sick, and very needy). So I read your posts backwards.
    Seeing a 'shrink'--I hope shim gave you insight. What a complicated time that was, is for any young woman. I feel better now that I read this post. Wasn't sure what would happen between the wedding night and the woman with four kids with a dreamy hubby.