Friday, July 22, 2011


    This is for those of you who read my romantic memoir about how I fell in love with Cade.
    Sorry that this isn't one of my regular posts, but I just had to share some fun facts with you.

    *    *    *

    While writing the memoir, I received three e-mails from very nice people who wanted to tell me they remembered this time.  
    One person said that until now, they never understood why I left.  They wished they would have known the extent of what I went through.  I thought it was pretty neat my memoir explained things.
    One person was an amazing friend from the library.  That was awesome hearing from him, and getting his thoughts on this time.
    The other person said they heard the gossip at one point and didn't stand up for me.  They wanted to apologize for not saying anything.  
    Some of the confessions in those e-mails took a lot of guts.  Very impressive. 
    Thank you to those people who sent the e-mails, those meant more than you know.

    *    *    *

    Even though it sounds ridiculous, I always felt bad after the exorcism.  I knew I wasn't evil, but still wondered why they'd thought I had SO many problems.  After reading the memoir, someone came forward and told me what happened to the church after I left.              
    Apparently their was something akin to a church split.  The two men who did the exorcism, ended up leaving the church.  The main exorcist started his own church, and the lead pastor (who wasn't at the exorcism) left completely and went Back East to his old congregation.

    *    *    *  

    A few years after I ran away, The Boarder did find a great girl.  But he caught her making out with The Understudy at a party.  They broke up shortly after.

    *    *    *

    Remember when Cade and I went to that dance?  Well, one of the other couples in our group got married.  They have three kids and are extremely happy together.  The other couple in our group, dated for a long time, never married but are still amazing friends.  Kind of neat.

    *    *    *

    Once Cade asked my dad, "Why did you take me to breakfast even though Elisa broke up with me?  We weren't even together." 
    My dad smiled.  "I knew you two kids would end up together somehow.  There's no sense fighting fate." 

    *    *    *

    Yesterday I told Cade I finally felt closure after writing this. 
    It's interesting because I edited my journal, ("The Golden Sky" which is coming out November, 18, 2011), and I had such a hard time reliving some of those moments.  Sure, I used humor as a way of dealing with death, but it was still hard to relive the first section of that book before things got better.
    This memoir was the exact opposite in some sections though.  I felt as if I got the chance to meet Cade all over again, to remember what it was like falling in love.  I told him that and he laughed.
    "You know what's funny," he said, "I thought the exact same thing."
    So, now that this blog has turned into a therapeutic tool, I'm pretty happy about it.  I dealt with issues I didn't even know I had.  Writing may not pay the bills, but it sure feels great.

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  1. Ok, so at first I thought I had read the post you mentioned, but now I think it must've been the description of the Proposal. Forgive me, i'm old and have mommy brain. I'll look for it. Also can't wait to check out more on the book. You are a wonderful writer and a strong woman with spice. Very nice.

  2. Thanks for checking out my book and for your kind words ;)

    This is just a follow-up for all my posts that have the word "entry" in the titles. I hope that makes sense. I wrote 34 entries in all.

  3. Dear Elisa--I just spent the greater part of my day reading all 34 of your entries about you & Cade (& all of the posts in between). I was born Jewish & I am now an agnostic but I have nothing but respect for other people's beliefs. I wish I had the deep faith that you obviously have. It would have been a great help when our second child was stillborn. I will definitely read THE GOLDEN SKY when it is released--& anything else you get published! It's not often that someone can sit alone at a computer & laugh out loud or cry. You are a very talented young lady & you write beautifully!

  4. Fishducky-
    Oh my goodness! Thank you sooo much! Wow.

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Would you consider letting me use this as an endorsement for my book? I'd love to put this on the inside cover of my book when I release it.

    Thanks again ;)

  5. Yes, you absolutely may use it. As I said to Melynda, I'm becoming "The Unknown Celebrity"--Carol Wyer also used my quote in publicizing her book.

  6. That is soooo awesome :0) I love Carol's blog about you.

  7. It's fun to relive those falling in love moments - there's nothing quite like that feeling!