Friday, June 1, 2012

Two NEW Releases!

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I’M SORRY, MOM (PART 3)--Fishducky Friday

Congratulations to Melynda and Pat Hatt!
I'm so excited that both of their new books are here.

More Nonsense
From being Wonder Woman, hunting mice and fighting naked little boys, Melynda does it all. Come read about her hilarious life from April - June, 2011.

HERE's the link to her blog.
Boo and the Backyard Zoo
Every day Boo floats about his haunt having everything he could ever want. He ignores the evil Nugget and his Flashy Parakeets who think they rule the streets. That is until Nugget captures Grape Face then it becomes quite the race. For Boo brings with him The Backyard Zoo to help in his quest. Will they be able to free Grape Face from Nugget's nest? Or will Nugget win. To find out just add this new book by Pat Hatt to your bin. 

Also, I had to showcase this awesome artwork by Candiss West.
We hired her to create something for the Wayman Publishing site.
Can you see the "W" made by the three pathways.
She calls this "Wayman Road."  I LOVE it.

Please click on the picture to see more of her artwork.