Monday, June 25, 2012

My book made the top 100!

    I have three excited things to tell you today--including something awesome about Fishducky.  
    I'm floating on air right now because the paperback version of Bible Girl & the Bad Boy is currently one of the top 100 women's memoirs on Amazon!  This morning it jumped up to number 22. I'm in shock.  The Golden Sky made this list in November, but was only in the 90s. Anyway, I can't believe it--and if this continues maybe it'll even make it to the top twenty!  If you'd like to check that out, you can see it under product details and then Amazon Best Sellers Rank.  Here's that link: Bible Girl & the Bad Boy.  
    The journey with this book has been interesting.  I've lost facebook friends over it.  For example a girl--who used to bully me in our high school locker room--read it and has since de-friended me.  She wrote (and I quote) "I was a kid.  Why would you write something like that in a book?"
    Well, because it happened and . . . unfortunately for her . . . I'm a nonfiction writer.   Plus, instead of apologizing, she sent me that?  Maybe she hasn't changed.
    On the other side, I wrote the book to explain to my family why I ran away when I was seventeen.  Not only has it brought healing, but I feel closer to my family.  They've been so understanding.  My brother even said he never knew what I'd gone through as a teenager.
    So, I'm not sure what helped the sales spike, but I do know that new people found my blog last weekend by searching "Bad Girl Bible."  Thank God for that search term!

    Anyway, thanks for all of your support.     
    Another neat thing is that both of Dee Ready's books also made it to Amazon's top 100 lists.  I can't imagine having two books make it at the same time!  Here's the link if you'd like to check that out as well: Dee Ready
    Also, I signed up for my first fair.  I'll be selling books and fabric this weekend.  I recently bought a mechanical dragon and I can't wait to put it on the table and tell people it's Ophyrus (the dragon from my other book).  The Scribe and the Hippie are going with me--so fun.
     The third thing is that Fishducky has started a blog.
    Here's the message she wanted me to pass on to everyone:

    A note: I've always said that I don't want my own blog. Just because I'm here doesn't mean that I've changed my mind. Elisa says that it takes her about an hour to get the stuff that I send her ready for posting & she just can't take that time any more. She is ONE BUSY LADY! With her instruction I'm going to try to do my own posting because I love her. I'm planning on posting Mondays & Fridays. Wish me luck!
Here's her button:

Feel Free to Grab It 
and go follow her at :0) 

    Thanks for letting me share all of this with you!   
    Have an awesome day.  And I'll just be posting every Wednesday from now on since things are so busy.