Friday, June 29, 2012

Have you ever had a fried coke?

Fried coke is practically modern day manna.  I bet Samson ate it before he got Super Strength.  Esther bought some before she grew enough courage to confront the king.  David ate it before stoning a giant!  
    Well, now it's my turn.  I wait ALL YEAR LONG for the fair just so I can buy one.  They are golden, seriously.   Because it's coke AND it has texture.
See!  I told you--sweet, sweet goodness!
But this is an extra special fair because I got a booth for today and tomorrow.  I feel like an actual super star.  So if you'd like to meet the girl who will be selling fabric for $2 a yard--since she quit her sewing business to write, and has an entire basement filled with fabric--I'll be (enjoying my fried coke) at Founders Park in Syracuse, UT.  Click HERE for details.  Oh and I'll also be selling books--because being literate rocks.

    Also, if you're here for fishducky's awesomeness, she started a blog.  Go HERE to follow her and read her hilarious Friday posting.