Friday, June 15, 2012

A POOPY POST; Fishducky Friday

Welcome, Fishducky!


Without a doubt, birds are the biggest perpetrators
of unwanted poop.  Would that make them “poopetrators”?

How birds see us  


A bird’s version of potty training

Maybe you should be nicer to your husband:

They’re into politics, too:
I don’t want to offend anyone.  Please feel free
to change the top 3 names to the administration of your choice.

We all know how much they love cars:

Birds aren’t the only of nature’s creatures to give us potty problems:

(This reminds me of a poem from my childhood.  If you have
trouble reading it, I’ve put a “translation” at the end of this post—
or you could ask your children to read it to you.)
A b, c d goldfish?
O, s, a r!  S, a r!
C m p n?


When one of my granddaughters was being toilet trained, her daddy put her on her baby potty (on the floor) & left the room for a minute.  When he returned, she was sitting there reading a magazine, upside down.  (The magazine was upside down, not my granddaughter.)  This isn’t her, but it’s pretty close:

I’ll leave you with some people who have something you never have—
a poopy attitude:


And, of course, this is NEVER you:

(The poem)
Abie, see the goldfish?
Hell, them ain’t no goldfish!
Oh, yes, they are!  Yes, they are!
See ‘em peein’?

I apologize for this post----fishducky