Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I just blogged every day for a year!

    When I started this blog, it was on a whim. The Zombie Elf (my son) kept shoving my journals down the vent, where they got ruined. It was a bit romantic thinking of all the words and stories that fill these vents, even if there was a down side. Anyway, after keeping a journal years ago, I knew how therapeutic it was for me, but not at $20 per book--that cost more than my Starbucks addiction! Then one day I got this crazy idea. I could blog--I could blog every day for a year straight. I'd write funny, wild, embarrassing and even sad things. I didn't think anyone would actually read it, but as long as the Zombie Elf didn't shove my computer down the vent--I was golden!
    "That's a lot of blogging," one person said.
    "Well, that's how much I write anyway. I might as well put it where the Zombie Elf can't throw it away. All those papers in the vent, that's a fire hazard!"
    Another person encouraged me. "You have so many funny stories, you really should write them down where others can enjoy them." I scoffed at the time thinking the only thing I'd ever write WORTH something was my journal about Zeke.
    Many other people said they'd like to see me try blogging for a year, but they didn't want me feeling bad if I couldn't do it. One person even made a bet with me! "If you can't make it EVERY SINGLE DAY for a year, you have to take me out to lunch. If you do though, I'll take you out."
    That was it. No one makes a bet like that against me and gets away with it! I started my blog that very day, January 25th, 2011.
    Now, I didn't know very much about blogging. All I knew was that two of my friends had blogs about writing and my southern neighbor had a crafting one. I browsed through their posts and immediately came up with a title for mine "The Crazy Life of a Writing Mom."

    I wrote this silly blurb for my profile and then posted the story about how I got mad at Cade and dragged a toilet into the street. Here's the blurb I wrote:

       Elisa spends most of her time taking care of four rambunctious kids who are better than green eggs and ham.  They're pretty darn fun, but despite that, after she had kids, her boobs shrunk, she lost hair, but gained a greater sense of humor!
      When she's not scavenging through the vents, which her son (the Zombie Elf) thinks are the best place to hide things, she's sewing, playing her violin, or writing.

Here's the toilet post: When You Have To Go

    What followed still amazes me. It was slow at first. I only had a couple comments per post. I had a few hundred friends on facebook, about fifty followers on twitter. As time went on, I started explaining how my book about Zeke (my son who died) would be released on his birthday in November.
    I got sponsors! Entire organizations helped me promote it. Power bloggers read about how my son died and they decided to help me as well. When someone searched "Writing Mom" on google, my blog came up third! People started paying me to advertise on my blogposts. My book "The Golden Sky" made it to the top 100 selling books on Amazon (for the death and grief category) in 2011. I was able to donate over $800 to this cause and those struggling with infant loss! I went from making a silly blog and a bet, to having a year that has changed my life forever.
    I now have over 4,300 friends on facebook, over 1,900 GFC followers on my blog and over 7,500 followers on twitter! This is astounding for me, the girl who didn't think anyone would read a blog about simple life--let alone "The Golden Sky."

    These amazing things are because of you! I'm so blessed--sooo absolutely touched by all of your support. I started a blog and gained so much in a year. But the greatest thing I've gained are your friendships. Before starting my blog, Cade was hardly ever home. I'd play with my four kids, write, sew. And although I constantly played with my kids, I really missed adult interaction. Sure, I would go out to fast food with friends once a week, but that seemed like the highlight of my week.
    Now, everything is exciting and an opportunity to share it with you.
I went from the timid girl who wouldn't share my mind or seek out conflict, to a confident person, ready to stand strong and not let people walk on me.

    Plus, I love reading your posts, sharing in your joys, struggles and triumphs--those stories brighten my day. I hope each of you know how much you affected my life for the better. The days are so filled with excitement. Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me.

    Sorry this post is running so long, but it is my last one before I switch to my new schedule of blogging every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I still can't believe I made it!

I just have a few announcements:
    "The Sword of Senack" will be released on St. Patrick's Day. (I know it's later than I said before, but my content editor has been working so hard; she suggested we give ourselves just a bit more time to perfect it.)


    I'd love to do another blogfest to celebrate this event. Maybe we could each write a fictional post meant for YA--I'd love to read what you'd come up with. Do you have any ideas? I'm up for anything. "The Sword of Senack" is the fantasy story I told my kids when they struggled after Zeke's death. It's about a boy who runs away into the ocean. His siblings then embark on a journey to try and find him in the ocean's depths, but in the process may find the truth about themselves instead.

    Also, "Bible Girl," (the prequel to "The Golden Sky") is coming out on April, 21st, 2012.

    For more info about upcoming events, please visit my author website.

     Click on this picture to visit my site:


    I've also released pictures of Zeke (my baby who passed away--mentioned in "The Golden Sky").
  If you'd like to see him, and pictures 
from the time written about in that book, click here:


    This year is shaping into an amazing one as well.
     Thank you for all of your support! I'm so excited for 2012!