Sunday, January 15, 2012

"How to Lose a Tooth"

    About three years ago, the Scribe had a tooth which was barely loose.  She got excited, but it wasn't until my mom and dad asked her to have a sleep over, that the craziness began.
    "I HAVE to lose this tooth," the Scribe told the Hippie.
    "Why?  You just found out it's loose."
    "Because.  The tooth fairy at Noni and Papa's house is rich!  I don't know why ours doesn't have a lot of money, but I'm sure theirs does."
    So operation "Lose My Tooth Today" began.  The Scribe tried some very silly things.  She tied a string to her tooth and the door.  When that didn't work, she tied the string to her tooth and OUR DOG!
    Watching a kid run around the yard like that . . . I'm not sure if it should be funny, but it was.
    "What in the heck are you doing?" I finally said, trying to stop laughing.  
    The Scribe continued running after the dog she'd tied herself to.  "I'm trying to lose my tooth!" she hollered.  "But it won't . . . come . . . OUT!"
    I helped her after a moment, and then asked her and the Hippie to sit down.
    "Let's make a list," I said.  "Think of all the funniest ways you could try to lose a tooth.  Then if you want to, we can try some of these things."
    "I could scream it out," the Hippie said.  "In cartoons glass breaks when people scream.  That could totally happen with the Scribe's tooth."
    She tried it, but I just got a deaf ear.
    "She could punch it out!" the Scribe said, and I did notice that for the next hour, she started doing everything in her power to make the Hippie mad.
    It was a hilarious day, and I'm still shocked writing this, but we put her through so much,  HER TOOTH ACTUALLY FELL OUT!
    She went to the sleep over and the tooth fairy at Noni and Papa's house gave her twenty dollars!
     I immediately counted my teeth, touching each one with my tongue.  Fourteen on the top.  Fourteen on the bottom.  If I could just pull out all my teeth and stay at my parents' house, that was a house payment!
    I told my mom about it later and she laughed.  "The tooth fairy only pays for BABY TEETH, Honey."

    Anyway, it was a day I'll never forget.  We had so much fun, I took the list of ideas my kids came up with, made some illustrations and created a picture book.
    My kids smile every time we read it.  They helped me turn the ideas into cute rhymes.  They also helped model for the illustrations.
    I never really considered releasing the book to the public until the Scribe wanted to when "The Golden Sky" came out.  
    I thought I'd tell you all of this because "How to Lose a Tooth" is now available as an eBook.  
    It's free if you're a kindle Prime Member.
    Thanks for letting me share how this book came to be.  We really had a ball with it.  

Available as an eBook! Only $2.99!