Tuesday, January 25, 2011

When you have to go . . .

So, I have a silly story for you. It's about our toilet that's been plugged for over 3 weeks!!! We knew we'd have to bring it outside just to get it working again. EWW!
Anyway, I told my husband, "I'm so tired. I need to sleep and I need you to fix the toilet."
He said, "I'm tired too. I've been working since four a.m.. We'll do it tomorrow. Love you babe." (A. K. A. it will never happen. Be happy I love you anyway!)

So, what did I do? Since it had already drained, I unscrewed the toilet, ripped it off the plug of nastiness and started rocking it through the house. He got up from his nap and helped me . . . at that point. When we hauled it outside, he said to give him a minute to get the hose and things. That's when I got a fantastic idea!

I don't know if it was a need to poo, a lack of self control, or a serious need for sleep, but I ran upstairs, grabbed an extra pair of pants, some shoes and a newspaper. Then I threw on my daisy duke shorts and grabbed the camera. It was really fun to watch (not only my husband's expression when he saw me sitting there on the jon), but all of the people driving past as well.
My husband ended up laughing later, and after the shock completely went bye-bye from his face, he even helped me carry the toilet to the middle of the side street for pictures. What a guy :)

I don't know why exactly, but he bought me a mocha later that night and said he was sorry for not helping me before. He confessed he'd suddenly realized that I may need to take more naps. So, I'm starting to think that acting like I was pooing—right in my front yard—really was the thing to do. I never would have done it if I wasn't tired to the point of insanity, but at least it's a memory we'll never forget.

Note to self: I love these pictures! And I want to meet the driver that yelled from their car, "What the f***? Are we in Oklahoma?"




I still can't believe we took these pictures of me, but maybe you'll get a kick out of them—the car passing by sure did ~ha ha.