Sunday, January 30, 2011

Zeke Strength of God

We wanted to do something special for Zeke today. It's crazy though because we were practicing last night and mid up bow, my bow broke--what are the odds? I've been using that bow for fifteen years.

We still managed to get a new bow and have my amazingly awesome brother record us in time for today.

Here's the song I wrote for my son who died (my husband Cade and I are performing it in the video):

I must have been fiddling WAY too fast last night. Here's the picture of my bow. I had to lay it all artsy because it's been a good bow. I almost feel like there was another death in the family. This bow will also . . . be missed. I tried to make it look like a treble clef in this picture, but the horse hair was too short. Oh regrets! Regrets! ;)