Wednesday, January 4, 2023

These Pictures Showed Eerie Foreshadowing

My cousin, Farrah Pendray, is the most gifted photographer. She just posted this story with my engagement pictures from 2014. 💓

From Farrah:

Today, I saw something I never anticipated when I took these pictures. As an artist, I am most comfortable when I’m expressing myself in an creative way, but I also like to tell stories with my photos. They should be accurate and true to the person I’m photographing. I’m sure that comes from my work as a family history consultant. Looking back on our ancestors and their stories, can help us learn so many things about families and ourselves. I guess with that experience, I viewed these photos and reflected on the challenges that my cousin, Elisa, has gone through in the last couple of years. 

She was diagnosed with stage four melanoma and given two years to live. These pictures were taken a few years before that diagnosis. Mike is her husband and has faithfully rescued her over and over through his actions, love, and I’m sure a shared fear at times. 

I love seeing how these pictures represent Mike and Elisa. Notice him picking her up and removing her from the oncoming danger of certain death. If only to give her a little more time. These pictures perfectly capture the relationship between Mike and Elisa, as Mike has struggled to rescue her from what looked like certain death—the doctors only giving her two years to live—and Elisa SMILING and putting full trust in Mike and God, while she is suffering and tied to a chair (now sometimes a wheelchair) she is laughing and smiling and in complete control of her emotions. Mike is still picking her up and taking her to magical places that help her to escape the danger of the oncoming train. 

I love Mike and Elisa very much. They mean the world to me. I look to them in their example on how they live life, and how they face trials, that I might be more heroic in facing mine. If you want to learn more about Elisa‘s battle with cancer and her awesome family, you can find her at She has many published books and a wonderful blog. Her family just returned from Italy, and she’s currently sharing their comical adventures. Even one that takes place in a train station. 🚉

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