Friday, June 17, 2011

The Zoring

    I bet you're wondering what in the heck a "Zoring" is. Well, so was I, until I read The Scribe's blog.
    Yep, you saw that right.  The Scribe is still blogging, but instead of sending juicy little notes, apparently she's writing a story.  

Here's what I read yesterday: 
    Once upon a time, I was playing basketball with my friends.  Oh and I am a girl.  (I love how she added that!)  When I saw a weird creature.  It had a cat head, bison legs, a zebra body and a woolly spider monkey tail.  (At this point I'm thinking whoa--hold up!  What in the crap was that about?  Then I turned the page and saw a picture she printed off the net.)
Here's the picture: 

    "Holy crap!" I gasped when I saw it.  I know the creature is weird, but there is something magical about it.  I can imagine the thing walking all dainty--cooler than Puss in Boots on a Sunday!  Sure, it looks as if an elephant is coming out of its butt AND like it's wearing leg warmers, but that's AWESOME.  
    I continued reading the story.
    Cats can hear very high, so I stayed calm and waited.  I told my friends about it, but they couldn't see it!  We talked and talked and the creature had enough time to go to sleep.
    Did my eyes have something cool going on?  Why couldn't my friends see?  I wanted to think about it more, but I have to go to sleep at 7:30.  
    My Mom called me to go home.  I hate it when I have to go to sleep early.  Didn't she understand that I had cool eyes?  (When I got to this part, I snorted--actually snorted!  Why did I have to be the kill-all.  And there's nothing wrong with getting a good night sleep--especially when you're an aspiring author!)
    The next day, the creature sat by me in class.  It was weird, but still, no one could see it.  I spent a lot of time with it, and actually came up with a name.  I called him  "The Zoring.(That part gave me chills!  "The Zoring" sounded as cool as The Lorax!)  There was just one thing I couldn't stop thinking about.  Why couldn't anyone else see it?
    So that's how the magic began.  The next day I would see a lunchfairy and find out about my magical school.  But that's a blog for tomorrow.  I'll tell you all about it then.  This isn't the end of my life yet!

    Anyway, The Scribe is going to try and write thirty little pages like this.  I told her if she does, then I'll help her edit the story and print out a real, bound book.   

    "I already wrote five chapters."  She grinned.  "If you want to put this chapter on your blog, maybe you can ask me some questions about the story."
    "Are you kidding?  That would be awesome!"
    I interviewed the kid then.  Because she's made of gold and an author interview sounded like a great idea.
    "How did you come up with the ingenious name for The Zoring?" I asked.

    It just came to me.

    "Does The Zoring represent someone in your life?  I've heard that characters can sometimes be just like someone you know.
    Our cat is The Zoring because I think she might be magical deep down and if I write this story, her true magic will come out.

    Why do you think she's magical?
    Because I love her and when you love something enough, it can turn magical.

    I was hoping that I was The Zoring and maybe it meant I bring magic into your life.
    You're not The Zoring.

    Not even a little?
    No.  You'd look weird with buffalo legs.

     Why is your main character the only one who can see The Zoring?
    You need to keep reading the book to find out.

    Is there anything else you'd like to share about your book?
    It will be done by the end of the summer and I'd like to give copies to anyone who wants to read it.

    How much would you charge per copy?
    Free for people who don't have money and a quarter for people who do.

    She's such a ham and I'm so glad she joined us to talk about her upcoming book "My Adventures With The Zoring."  I'm excited to read the finished product. 


  1. Love her imagination...and I'd gladly pay 25 cents for a copy of her book (or more!). What creativity!...And you would look weird with buffalo legs.

  2. That kid is golden! I have to agree with her and Stephanie. You would look very weird with buffalo legs. Think of all that waxing, and lets face it neither one of us enjoyed that venture!

  3. She's such an awesome kid! :) I would want a copy too :D ;)


  4. Ha ha...I bite, as long as you accept norwegian money, put me up for a copy as well! That just proves it, there is a writing gene after all.

  5. LOL! Yeah, buffalo legs would suck to shave. Maybe it's a good thing I'm not The Zoring after all :0)

  6. Oh, Scribe! What a delight you are! Where do I send my money? This could be a college fund-thing!

  7. Lol that is so awesome! She's got a good imagination!!