Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Famous Woman Named Melynda

I guest blogged today.  How fun is that?!

Plus I added new pages to my blog:

The Sword of Senack (My YA Fantasy Novel)

Anyway, to see my post of the day, please visit me at:

Crazy World

Oh and on a side note (completely unrelated to the silly post I put up on Melynda's blog) check this out:

My Journal about Zeke will be released on 11/18/11 (Zeke's Birthday)
  It is currently in the review process. Yahoo!!!

My editor just finished the final revisions on my memoir!  I'm so excited I can hardly stand it.  Now, I'm just sending it out for reviews and endorsements.  
Won't it be awesome to have this published on Zeke's birthday?   

Anyway, I already got a few amazing endorsements,
including one from a phenomenal author who lost a child as well.
I LOVE her fiction book.  Here it is if you'd like to check it out:

I hope you'll have a great day 
and get a chance to visit my post on Melynda's blog.
She hasn't even seen it yet.  *giggles*


  1. Yes, you did guest blog....I guess that counts in your post for everyday this year...even though, technically, it's not on your blog ;)

  2. WOW...I knew are famous ! I should have held out for $20.00 for your autograph on Craig's List instead of letting it go for $9.99..haha Just kidding of course :-) Big congrats Elisa

  3. So are you under witness protection in an Amish community or something? Funny post. By the way I found something in my Bible for you....hmmmm oh lookie here it's a BLOGGER AWARD!

  4. Congrats Eliza, you can bet I will be standing in line to buy whatever you write, but I do look so much forward to The Golden Sky! Now off I hopp over to melyndas place :)

  5. You guys are sooo nice LOL! I'm excited. I just hope Zeke's proud ;)

  6. Oh my gosh I jusr read your post on my blog. I laughed so hard I about pee'd myself! Holy hell woman you have a gift. I wish I was as wonderful as you painted me! You are a rock star and I love your face! Thank you dear friend!

  7. Wow, congrats!
    Have we ever made the connection that Zeke and Jonathan have the same birthday?! He's 11/18/09.

  8. Melynda-
    Thanks for letting me guest. I had an absolute ball and you're just as wonderful as I said ;)

    Oh my gosh! That is so crazy. Pretty neat. :0)