Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ever get good news . . . that's laced with something bad?

I got a blog award. I was so excited. Me? An award--WOW!  

That's how I felt UNTIL I went to the lady's blog and discovered why she gave me the award.

She'd made a list of fifteen people who'd won. Next to each name she wrote why she'd chosen them. Well, I was number eleven, so I read all the names before mine. The lady wrote some pretty amazing things about everyone.  Her comments made me shine inside since I like it when people are sweet to each other.

Blog #1 made her smile all day, like the smile would never go away (I liked that--it was super nice)

#2 was about an amazingly strong woman, who can stand in adversity

#3 was about a father who gleams as an example of how true men should be.

As I read further down this list, I thought, Heck yeah! This is the kind of list I want my blog on.

Each comment got better and better.  These people were super human.  One woman could practically fly (she was that much of an angel.)  Another lady could make anything OUT OF NOTHING.

By that time I was pretty damn excited to see what it would say next to my name.  Then I read it and had to laugh out loud.  It's amazing what different people pull from things.  As I read the comment it reminded me of an image I used to dream about when I was a teenager.

There were a bunch of old men sitting around a table.  It almost seemed like water surrounded them because their long white beards and eyebrows pulsed as if in a strange oceanic current. 


They were wise beyond time and sat passing around a large book.  The binding was brown with corrosion, so heavy, it slide along the table, instead of being picked up, as the worldly men shared it with one another.  Each time one of them opened the book, its pages swayed in a cracked and faded manner.  It didn't seem completely wet, or ruined by anything except skewed views. 

So, that book was beyond time, like the bearded guys who were only allowed to look at one page each.  They would study their page as much as they wanted, and after delving into their sections, they'd discover new things about themselves rather than the book itself.  Eventually, each of those philosophers thought they had an idea of what the story was about, but none discovered the entirety of it.

Well, that's what happened with my blog.  I don't think "the award giver" saw the full story.  Because next to my name, in cute little type-print it said:
11) EC Writes because she's on a mission to embarrass herself all year through her blogs!   

That was pretty funny.  I could have peed my pants.  I was listed among the stars of men, and yet I felt embarrassed again.  But it is funny what different people pull from things.  It hit me; we're all like those bearded philosophers who only have a section of the story. 

I always felt bad for those guys because no matter how much they studied or read, they never understood the point of the book.  After all, it wasn't what was written in the pages, about battles, forgiveness, courage and love.  The most important thing about that book was what it showed people about themselves.

So, anyway, I'm glad I got an award, but mostly I'm happy I remembered those old philosophers.  After all, when I grew up, I totally forgot about them and their self-proclaimed wisdom.


  1. This post definitely made me lol. Isn't it amazing what people can glean from just seeing a small portion of something? At least you have a good sense of humor! This made my morning, great post! ;)


  2. LOL..It seems like she just pulled a snippet from the top of your description. I hate those awards, honestly. Most of the time they put them in a post that isn't a good post at all!

  3. If it helps, that kind of comment would make me want to read your blog even more! =)

    This post made me laugh and really think about the image of those bearded men. Great description.
    -Miss GOP

  4. hahaha...that's great. I don't think you're embarrassing yourself, cade maybe. lol. Congrats on the . . . uh, award. ;0)_

  5. Funny, Is that what you are doing? I totally got it wrong! How great to get an award for embarrassing yourself, I want one too! Sometimes I wonder if I were a man I would have a beard. Maybe I will get one anyways, since I have already noticed a mustache coming in.

  6. Oh so astute! To get an award for embarrassment would mean that most of us would have a closet full of those awards.
    I enjoy reading how you have opened up your life for us readers to enjoy. Thank you.

  7. Hi E, yes, it's me, the other E. Funny story. I guess the words "hilarious" and "exciting," just aren't as interesting as "embarrassing."

    I look forward to reading your "adventures."


  8. arghh. who cares... honestly I love reading every single story of yours! they are always full of fun and positive energy... And what would life be if we couldn't laugh about ourselves...

  9. I love your blog and I think you are hilarious! I haven't read a post I didn't enjoy. Even this was funny and well written... and handled with grace and dignity. I've never read anything that I think would've embarrassed me had it happened to me or had I written about it. And I think I've done some really embarrassing things. And written about them.
    Who knows.
    Have a great day!

  10. Have you ever met a person that reminds you of a jackass. You know they are a person but honestly deep down you are pretty sure they bay when they sleep? Yes you have Elisa! The person that said that about you is like that. No worries darling girl. There are so many ass' out there they lose track of reality. Your blog is awsome and so are you and yours. Keep going. I don't think you have written one thing worth being embarrassed about. I however can't spell for crap today so I'm gonna go before I embar- ass mysefl more.

  11. Sounds liek she's jealous... followed!

  12. I guess the award was kind of lame bun the post was very good, I really like the philosophers' stories :)