Sunday, June 30, 2013

Instructional Video: How to Have a Successful Business on eBay

I hope this'll help someone :)

If you're wondering how the fabric sale went this weekend, here goes:

We only made $19 on Friday, but it was fun hanging out with my little entrepreneur. Then, the Scribe started trading MY fabric for earrings etc. from other sellers! 
    It's so easy for her to barter . . . with other people's items!
On Saturday,  we sold over 500 yards!!!  At one point the Scribe asked, "Why did you give her all that fabric for half price?"
     "Because I like her," I said.
     "Would you stop liking people? Please!"

Later that day, the Hippie came to the fair.  She started asking people if they'd pay a dime to see a backhand-spring.  She made over ten dollars!  Do the math on that one--what a kid.

When the Hippie wasn't earning tips, she was either hiding the fabric she wanted to keep, or trying to give the rest away.  
She's JUST like her mother!