Monday, June 10, 2013

My Mom Plays the Drums!

My mom is amazing.  She's been a foundation in my life, someone who was there no matter what.  If I'm overly confident, it's because of her.  If I refuse to give up--it's because of her.  If I like my hair pulled back so tightly people think I've had a facelift . . . it's because of her.    She's one of the most resilient, awe-inspiring people you could meet.  Her spirit shines sweet and kind.  She seems quiet and meek, but don't let that fool ya, inside she rages with hilarity and every day that woman makes me laugh.  One time Cade teased her too much, when he turned, my mom threw a dishrag in his face.  It was epic, better than when Neil walked on the moon!
    Well, when my mom was two years old, her father died.  Then, when she was three, her mother left her along with three of her siblings.  Their aunt and uncle raised them.  Things were hard, but my mother never gave up.  She refused to let things pull her down into the mud of life.  She knew she was meant to be something great--a success.  
    During her sixth grade year, all of the students took a test to see who qualified for the percussion program.  My mom passed with unrivaled talent.  I've always imagined the test.  
    In my imagination, the teacher stood by a full drum set and asked, "What's rhythm?"
    Some sap raised his hand.  "Isn't that when you tap your foot to the music?"
    Another kid with preteen pimples probably whispered.  "Is it when you clap at church?"
    I bet that's when my modest, twelve-year-old mother rolled her eyes.  She maybe walked to the front of the class room and hollered, "Listen here, children.  You wanna know what rhythm is?  Get a load of this!"
    Then she sat at those drums, and she played the heck out of 'em!  Saints watched from Heaven.  Jesus smiled because some-a-day He knew that Italian sweetheart would live for Him.  All those kids cheered at the end, because it's not everyday you realize, you're going to school with a legend.  I bet that was her first standing ovation--I BET!    
    So, my mom emerged as a sixth grade icon.  She became so fantastic, she used her skill to win Miss C. E. U., and later Miss Carbon County.  Then shortly after that, she won my dad.
    Here's a picture so you know I'm not lying about her beauty.  (If you doubted me--shame on you!)


    Later my dad swept her off those rhythmic feet, when he asked her to marry him.  They had three kids: a chemist, a mechanical engineer, and a blogger.

    So, I'd like to show you a video of my mother playing the drums.  
    Sorry about the shaky camera, I started crying a bit during this because I kept thinking about how lucky I am to have such a great mother.  Then, my mom smiled at me and I got a case of the giggles.  Blame it on P. M. S..  Blame it on lack of sleep.  Heck, blame it on LOVE!
    Oh, and every time I say "awesome" in this video, please imagine a different (more creative) word in place of it.  Maybe epic, fantastic, joyous.  I'm not good at public speaking.
    Without further ado, here she is folks: