Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Golden Sky is now Available as an Audiobook! Come Listen to a Sample!

When narrator Alexandra G. Haag initially auditioned to be the voice of my memoir "The Golden Sky" neither one of us knew quite how much we have in common, or how impacting this project would become. 
    In a previous post (HERE) I confessed that while listening to the first few pages of Haag's narration, I felt compelled, wondering what Haag had gone through to convey such emotion.  "The Golden Sky" is very close to my heart since it details the hardest time of my life, when my infant son was born with birth defects and later passed away.  Although I feel that Haag was "destined" to produce my memoir, at first I had no idea that Haag herself had lost a child. 
    As time passed, I learned that Haag's daughter lived to be the same age as my son, Zeke. But the coincidences didn't stop there.  I, myself, was born only a few weeks before Haag had found out she was pregnant with her own angel baby.  "I've often thought about the timing of Elisa's experience and my own," says Haag.  And it truly is amazing that God has bought us together, to reach out through this project, trying to help others who may be going through similar circumstances.

You can listen to the first fifteen minutes here:

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