Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pachelbel's Canon ROCK-STYLE in D--Fiddling Around!

    First off, a fellow blogger did one of THE NICEST things anyone has ever done for me.  Go HERE to see how kind people are!  I feel sooooo blessed.

    Also, a big book fair will start tomorrow.  It will kick off the release of Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales AND Homeless in Hawaii!

    Following Debra Kristi's idea, I've decided to do something to remember Hawaii each day for the next ten days.

    My memory for today is of playing music on the street.  Here's an example of my musical style--so you can envision how I survived as a homeless street musician at the age of seventeen.


  1. Love listening to you play, wish I could someday get the chance to hear you in person! Good luck with the fair and with the sales, I hope the patients get lots of Christmas joy through the anthology and other books that have so generously donated. I love Wayman Publishing <3 and what they stand for. Now still waiting to see you do some Dubstep while playing ;)

  2. You always play wonderfully, the cat's ears are perked up too. Not sure if he likes or not though hahaha That was an awesome thing for her to do as well.

  3. I got chills! I love listening to you play and feel blessed that you have graced us with another great performance. I was grateful when I got to hear you in person at the Orange County Book Festival.

  4. I put this on Debra's blog:

    I have already read–& ENJOYED–”Homeless in Hawaii” & “Fractured Fairy Tales (which I’m in, too)! This was SO NICE of you to do!!

  5. Not too bad for just wingin it =P

  6. My children are so talented.

    Your Mother From Another Planet

  7. I am holding off reading Homeless until 2013 for my book challenges.