Monday, August 20, 2012

We traveled for my writing!

Just a quick update.  Cade and I traveled for the second time for my writing.  We played music and I signed books on the side.  This was such a blast, playing at four different places and signing at three!  

    Here are some pictures:

We're the sixth down, performing for the Balance Rock Eatery & Pub.

Doing a sound check before the art festival started.

Getting ready for a gig the next day.

Us playing at the New Life Ministries booth.  These people are AMAZING and have been so supportive of my writing.
Also, my mom is in the pink, playing the congas.  

Another one.

Since N. L. M. supports the arts, they had wonderful dances, music and acting throughout the service--our kids absolutely loved it.
Plus, this church used to be a theater and it has THE BEST acoustics. 
Here's a picture from a sound check at New Life Ministries.  My mom played the drums with us here, too.  If you haven't heard her play, you have to check out This Link.

The last place we played at was a family reunion for my mom's side.  My family is so awesome!
We had the best time this past weekend.  Thanks to everyone who came out to hear us play and have books signed. 

This is a short video from a sound check before the arts festival.