Thursday, August 16, 2012

Someone Broke Into Our House--An Anniversary

If you've read my blog for a while, you know our house has been broken into several times.  At first, I didn't want anyone realizing these stories were about me, until it happened on my birthday in February.  Then I couldn't take it anymore--the nervous feeling every time I'd go to sleep--the fact that I've had to take shooting lessons because we didn't know who this person was/is.  What they were breaking in for. . . .  The fact that Cade was never home--this list goes on.
    If you want to read that post, please go HERE.
    Well, I have great news today because we haven't had another break-in since February!  And (on the bright side) if we ever do, this person has prepared me because although I was very disoriented the first time this happened in the middle of the night, now I know this isn't just a nightmare.  Evil people are out there.  In some ways we have no control over what trials we'll face in life.  Like when my son died, or when my dad had cancer.  Getting the house broken into has been terrifying, but the best we can do--all of us--is be prepared and have faith that God has a plan.  

    Someone read book reviews from The Golden Sky the other day.  You can see that here. Anyway, they sent me an email that said, "Those book reviews are great. You seem to have the perfect life."
    Did they realize that's a memoir about the hardest time of my life?  The only reason I've had any type of success is because I've taken the hardest things in my life and tried turning them into something good.
    Zeke died, and now anyone who needs help dealing with loss and grief, they can read his story even though it almost killed me reading it for content over and over. 
    That experience showed me who I want to be. I don't want to let things get me down. Life is what you make it, really.
    I thought about all of this today because it's close to the anniversary of the worst break-in we've had.  People say writing about things helps, so I've decided to talk about this a little bit more today and share some pictures for the first time.
    Like I wrote in a previous post, we've had to replace three doors from all of the damages done over the past several years.
    Here are the pictures:
The cop said they took a crowbar to the door and literally pried the metal from the wood.

This is the door on the other side where the trim popped from the wall.
Before they could break into this house door, the cop/detective said they broke into the man door by shouldering it.

    How do you handle hard times?  Have you dealt with something like this?