Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Do Women Talk About When Guys Aren't Around

Me: "You don't swallow gum. When you're done with it, you throw it in the garbage. You don't put it on the wall--in your sister's hair--on the dog! You throw gum in the garbage! So what do you do?"
    My son: "I poop a lot." 
    Great . . .

I remember another silly gum story from last year.  But before you watch it, let me give you some info.
Melynda (on the left) has been battling diabetes and now complete loss of her eyesight. Any support we can show her would be so appreciated.  She's such an awesome, strong, amazing woman!
For more info about that, go HERE.

And now, the video. 
"Gum and Hell"