Monday, February 13, 2012

What is the Cinnamon Challenge?

    I didn't know about the terrifying cinnamon challenge--or the crazy people who'd do it and live--until after visiting Paige Kellerman's Blog.
    P. S. Check her out; I know you'll love her. Here's that link: Paige Kellerman

    Well, the other day Paige showcased a video about "The Cinnamon Challenge." The person doing the "challenge" is supposed to put a huge scoop of cinnamon into their mouth, then they have to swallow it. I watched different videos and gaped. Some people gagged. Some threw up. Some felt amazing when they actually swallowed the cinnamon--because apparently that's cooler than skydiving. Could those reactions be real?
    The day went on, and what I didn't realize until later was that the Scribe and Hippie had watched the videos, too--from over my shoulder.
    Some friends came over and my iPad went missing . . . so did my cinnamon. "What is going on?" I asked my friend, a bit worried because the iPad is worth more than my soul--practically. We looked outside and there they were. Her little boy held my iPad2 while he taped my girls who were doing THE CINNAMON CHALLENGE!
    I stayed quiet because being the gift of a mother that I am, I wanted to see how they'd react!
    We stepped outside and watched. Cars drove past. I'm sure they wondered what was so amazing. Those idiots had no idea that two girls were risking their lives!

    So, after the video ended, I became an even better mother and I uploaded it to youtube--because once again, I'm a certified gem.
    Their reactions were far different from the adults on the other videos. There's a part not on camera where the Hippie pretended to gag right before shoving more cinnamon into her mouth!
    Well, here's the video, (the words are below in case they're hard to hear . . . oh and the Hippie is on the left; the Scribe is on the right):

    "Why are you giving me so much?" the Scribe asked before taking the cinnamon and giving herself even more. "Well, Hippie, you ready to die?"
    The Hippie held a LADLE, while the Scribe simply had a spoon.
"Bye," the Scribe hugged her sister. "See you next summer."
    The Hippie smiled, still wearing her favorite earmuffs EVERY DAY. "See you in Heaven," she countered.
    "I'm glad we have each other."
    "I'll be with you in Heaven," the Hippie said before going to take a bite, but the Scribe interrupted her through several times when she could have eaten the cinnamon.
    "We're risking our lives!" the Scribe said.
    It was the cameraman's turn to talk, because he was stunned they took on such a brutal campaign. "You not gonna die," he spouted hopefully, having no idea of the danger unfolding before his four-year-old eyes.

    A few surprises did unfold. The Hippie spit all of her cinnamon out, but the Scribe held it in her mouth for a full minute and then swallowed it.  "I lived!" she said.
    After the camera turned off, the Scribe looked at me and smiled with brown all over her teeth. "I could do it, and that's awesome. But there's one thing I can't figure . . . What's wrong with all of those other people on youtube?"

    Those kids keep me living on the edge. Whether it's cinnamon, pranks, or calls from the principal's office, it's never a dull moment over here.  I wouldn't trade that for anything in the world, though, not really because they're awesome and money can't buy kids who can eat mounds of cinnamon and live.