Friday, February 17, 2012

WHAT IF I RUN OUT OF IDEAS?; Fishducky Friday

    Elisa said that I could post more often if I wanted to.  I told her I was worried I’d run out of ideas.  For instance, I don’t know what to write about today.  
​    I guess I could tell you about my dad.  He was one of the nicest people EVER.  He would do anything for anybody. He lived in L.A., but if someone asked him for a ride home (to San Francisco) I have no doubt he would’ve said yes.  If his doctor told him he’d have to amputate his head, Daddy would probably have asked, “When would that be convenient for you?”  When he wanted to tell you about a movie he’d seen, you learned to get comfortable.  If it was an MGM film, he’d start with, “First the lion came out & roared.”  I hosted a yoga class in our garage at the beach.  I didn’t want to be there because my dad was in a coma & dying in the hospital, about an hour & a half away.  I wanted to be able to get to the hospital quickly.  Bud said I needed the mental relaxation yoga would bring & convinced me to go.  After the exercises, our instructor would have us clear our minds & totally relax.  I swear I had an out of body experience.  I found myself in his hospital room.  He sat up & VERY sternly said, “What are you doing here?  You need to be at yoga—you worry too much.  I’ll be fine!”  I learned later that that was about the time he died.
    ​No, that wouldn’t work.
    ​Maybe something lighter would do it.  I regularly spill food on myself when I eat.  My granddaughter, from about the age of 2, could eat soup without spilling a drop.  She probably got that from her mother.  My friend was president of a group that had yearly fundraising luncheons in the Beverly Wilshire Hotel’s (remember “Pretty Woman”?) grand ballroom for about 2,000 people.  She was more like me.  Messy.  Depending on what she was wearing on the dais, she topped it off with either a silver or gold lame bib.  I don’t think so, but is that what they mean by “pre-spotting” laundry?
​That probably wouldn’t work, either.
​    OK, I’ll give it another shot.  I told my husband that I had picked up lunch at a Jack in the Box drive-thru window & that the guy confirming my order said, “One Yumbo Yack, right?”  Next time he & I went through the drive-thru window, Bud asked for two “Yumbo Yacks”—I hit him!
​    No, try again.
​    Would something scary work?  We live a few blocks from Century City.  The tops of the tall buildings are visible from our house.  Early one evening I was looking out our front windows when suddenly I saw a HUGE fireball erupt on top of one of those buildings!  I was just about to call 911 when I got distracted by an emergency with the kids.  About a half hour later there was another fireball.  I found out later that they were filming a scene for the Bruce Willis movie “Die Hard”.  They shoot a lot of movies around here but I’ve never been scared by a filming before.  They should have warned us—I bet 911 was swamped!
​    No.
​    A joke, then.  I went into a bookstore & asked the saleswoman where the self-help section was.  She said, “I could tell you, but that would defeat the purpose.”
    ​Not that, either, right?  

    Sorry there was no post this week—I tried!----fishducky