Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Constantly Evil

     A few entries have already been submitted for the contest Wayman Publishing is holding.  Please go here for more information about that: 

    "What's the name of the bad guy in your book?" I found a note under my door.  "Can you tell me about her?  Is her name still Constance? I want to win the contest so bad. It might be neat drawing something from your book.  I could really use 50 US dollars."  That cracked me up because the "50 US dollars" bit came directly from my blog.  "I'd also like to win a copy so I can read the sword of senack to my cat and dog."
    The Scribe--that MOTIVATED child--had written the letter.  She wants a laptop AND thinks the animals belong to her?  Okay, so I have to give the kid some props; that was an AWESOME idea to draw something from my book--talk about pulling at my heartstrings. (Too bad she can't enter).  I wish her luck saving that much money though; God bless her when reality sets in.
    "Constance," I replied on a paper I later slid under the Scribe's door, "is a shape shifting witch, heartless and cruel beyond anything.  I picture her with long curly hair.  She has green eyes and a triangular face.  She's made herself as attractive as possible since she can chose what she looks like."
    That night, I found another note with this picture attached: 

   "I'm a writer too," she'd written.  "How did you come up with such a good idea for a bad guy?  From, your biggest fan."
    Number one, was this just to butter me up?  Didn't the Scribe realize I'd know it was her?  Oh, she's a goose!
    I smiled and wrote back.  "I'm almost always nice to everyone--as you know--even when I should be standing up for myself instead.  One day a person really bullied me.  That's the day I created Constance.  She's the complete opposite of polite.  She's pure evil.  Some villains are partly evil, meaning they have some good in them.  Constance is all evil though.  Even if she seems nice at moments, she isn't.  She's what Syronians call 'mindstruck' because one bad thing happened in her life and she cracked."
   "Thanks for your help," the Scribe  responded the next day.  She is hilarious.  I might just give her a copy of the book so she can have it special.  As far as the laptop goes, she'll be saving for a LONG time.

    In closing, is it more impacting to create a villain with the potential to be good, or a villain who is completely evil?  

    For some reason, the 'pure evil' aspect terrifies me--always has.  That seems far more dangerous.  For example . . . in my book even when Constance acts nice, the children should be wary; she's far more wretched than they can possibly imagine. 

    I'm so excited to read your opinions about this.  Sorry I haven't been able to visit blogs as much as I normally do.  I'm amidst some serious editing projects and deadlines as well as potty training Dr. Jones; let the good times begin.