Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Band of Gossips (Entry 30)

This post has been removed for the novel's debut in April, 2012 . . .


    Elisa isn't your regular nerd.  She's not the kind of person who quotes Monty Python, or has a periodic table tattooed on her butt.  No she's a different sort altogether.  She carries a duct-taped Bible everywhere, wears bright-orange polyester pants, and dyes her hair with red kool-aid.
    Even though she tries slipping by apart from the crowds, it doesn't help that her best friend happens to be "The Boarder," one of the cutest and most popular boys in school.  He's not willing to let her go unnoticed—not until she goes to the homecoming dance with another guy.
   "The Boarder" starts acting weird after the date goes well, and Elisa begins wondering if he's only been looking at her as a friend or maybe something more.  She must choose between her best friend and "The Bad Boy," but will she make the right choice?


  1. Sometimes it's so hard growing up in a Christian atmosphere, because it feels as if once you make one wrong "sinful" move all eyes are one you. I may have missed the part about your premarital escapades, but was an exorcism really necessary? Doesn't it seem like sometimes the church is harder on us than God is, who by the way isn't even the "angry" God people make him out to be when it comes to our shortcomings. The best illustration of God and how he reacts to when one of His children sin is when Jesus stood next to Mary Magdalene when everyone was judging her....everyone else but Him. He loves us, He's gracious, and He's already forgiven us even BEFORE we sin...great post. Is this part of a book your writing? ;)

  2. What an awesome response. Thank you.
    Even though years have passed, it's funny how writing this has made me relive everything I felt at the time.

    Yeah, this book only has four more chapters and the rough draft will be done. I'm pretty excited ;) I even have a cover ready lol

  3. Very moving. I got all tingly at the end "I remembered Dimitri's words then, what he said I'd quoted months before.
    "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength," I said aloud. "The Joy of the Lord."
    It was my strength--that joy--God had been my strength. Without Him I had nothing."
    This is awesome :) I love it

  4. lol You are terrible and I would have done the exact same thing. (well I might have flipped them off on the way out of the parking lot because I'm rude like that) Thanks for being there for me the few.

  5. Being invisible has its advantages :)

  6. Thanks Stephanie and Candiss :0)

    You're hilarious!

    So true. I still can't believe what I overheard. Pretty wild. I understand why The Boarder didn't say more, but at the time I would have thought he would have acted how The Understudy did.

  7. Everyone, and I mean everyone, needs to find themselves at the altar, praying, and seeking forgiveness and help. The 'friends' showed themselves for what they were. The silent ones kept silent for a reason.
    Good writing.