Thursday, July 7, 2011

My Bucket List

    Maybe this is like an AA meeting, one where I tell you all my problems.  Pretend we're all sitting in chairs.  The counselor (with a toupee) is going around asking us to introduce ourselves.  The first person stands up.  "I'm Marv," he says, "And I struggle with drinking."
    We all smile, sincerely happy it's not out turn to share yet.  The next person stands.  "I'm LuAnne, and I struggle with vodka."  We all clap, because vodka can be a terrible thing.  Trust me, I know; I got sick off it once!
    The next person stands--it's you.  "I'm a blogger," you say, "I love blogs."  I clap the hardest since a normal person finally came to the meeting!
    Then it's my turn and my knees almost buckle.  "I'm Elisa.  Yes, I'm twenty-eight years old and I have a bucket list.  Don't worry, I don't have cancer or the swine flu.  I just have a case of the sillies.  I've made a list, an incredibly long list that I won't get through unless I become immortal like an angel or a vamp, but at least I have a list."
    No one claps--except you.  The rest of those people are either nuts or jealous.  I decide to think they're jealous because it's an ego-booster and I'm embarrassed for standing and sharing my name anyway.  Sometimes, people just need a boost!

    So, the other day, I went for a drive with my friend.  We had a great time.  She's hilarious and fun.  She brightens my day.  When we drove past a gas station, I knew I could trust her with my secret.     
    "I have a bucket list," I whispered a bit solemnly.  "And one of the things on my list is to visit the drive-thru at a gas station."
    "Are you serious?"  She turned to me.  She wore a huge grin as she tapped the steering wheel.
    "Absolutely.  I've never been to the drive-thru here, but someday
. . . some-a-day I'm a-gonna!  I don't know when it'll happen, but it'll be awesome!"  I know it had been a prize winning speech.  I knew, because later that day, she turned into THE GAS STATION!

    Now, before I go on, I have to give credit where it's due.  I made my bucket list because of this blog post:

   Talk about inspirational!  That post started months of madness for me.  I went Sky Diving; I went on a cruise!  Everyone should write a list.  It makes you do all sorts of fun things.

    Anyway, my friend turned into the drive-thru.  We waited in a huge line and then finally got to the window of awesomeness! 
    "This is her first time," my friend said because it was the greatest thing in the world just then.  "Would you mind if I took a picture of you, so we can always remember this moment?"
    The guy beamed--literally beamed.  He cocked his head and modeled in the window!  If you don't believe me, then look at this!


   Isn't that the best picture ever?  My friend is a professional photographer, and it shows!  This pic could be an ad for bucket listers everywhere!    Thanks NSteed for the amazing picture!
    "We'd like some ice cream," my friend said.  "Maybe ice cream sandwiches."
    He came back with an ARMLOAD of ice cream.  No wonder the place had made my bucket list!  It was fantastic.
    "Where are you from?  You've never visited a gas station
drive-thru?" the guy asked in a accent.
    "I'm from here.  I grew up a few hours south of here," I said.
    Maybe our excitement was contagious because the guy suddenly asked if he could come outside and take a picture with me.  The line behind us had grown massive and the people looked like they were about to turn into zombies!
    The gas station employee did get someone to cover his spot, so he could take a break.  And the whole time we waited for him, I kept thinking about how the place was on my bucket list and that guy got to work there.  There's something magical about working at a place everyone goes to.  You can see people at their best--their worst.  You can see who they really are and that's usually a beautiful thing.
    Anyway, the guy came out, and here's the picture
NSteed took:


    But that wasn't enough!  When you use the word "Bucket" and "List" together, AMAZING things happen!  It's the code to happiness and I didn't even have to get brain cancer!
    We drove to the pumps and as we ate our ice cream--from gas station heaven--we took more pictures.


    Someone needs to do a flash mob like this!  You wouldn't believe how many people looked and smiled, then looked back and wondered where my car was!  It was epic, seriously!



    This is where things went sour.  Now, see those guys behind me?  Well, they were a bit older than me and my friend.  After this picture they drove next to us.  Why were they getting friendly with us?  We are way younger than them and we aren't gangsters!
    "Oh my gosh!" I said to my friend.  "Those guys actually think they have a chance . . . and we're both married!"
    "We have to drive . . . drive!"  She hit her gas and we escaped out the other exit.
    So, that's why I love my bucket list.  It's fabulous!  Because of my list, I went to a drive-thru; I filled an invisible car with gas; I had a ball with my friend, and we escaped from some old horn-dogs.  What can I say--good things happen when you have a "bucket list!"