Friday, March 11, 2011

Look For Trouble and You Will Find It: Part I

WOW! I had a BAD DAY yesterday.  Blogging finally came to bite me in the butt.
I hope there's someone out there laughing at my expense--I really do--since that might be the only good thing about my blog at the moment!


So why do people start blogging? As I wrote in my very first blog:
Maybe because they'd like to share their lives with friends and family . . . maybe they're just too damn bored . . . or maybe they're a typing addict who drinks coffee faster than a gutless horse.

I guess I started a blog for all the above, but mainly because I journal and this is the only way my son won't shove another journal down the vent!

I promised myself I'd write everything interesting, but NEVER hurt those I love.  So, I've written about silly things that happen to me and YES some of those stories include interesting or mean people.  I've nicknamed them and called them out on things.  I knew maybe one of them would read my blog some day; I just didn't expect that to happen so soon.

Look for trouble and you will find it.  What can I say?  I guess I went hunting for trouble.  

So, let's start from the beginning.  A few days ago I received my first really negative (written) comment on my blog.  I thought it was great that anonymous felt free enough to post their opinion.  Everyone has a right to their opinions.  Two of my buddies responded to her and I witnessed my first blog war.
It was A-W-E-S-O-M-E!  Not because anyone won or lost, but because it was interesting to read.
I know war is ugly, but as my brother would say, "virtual blood," was an entertaining thing!

It started me thinking though.  Who would post something like that?  

The person wrote, "Grow up! What are you in Junior High."

I wondered, do I know this anonymous?  The anonymity killed me! It was actually fun wondering who it was (like having a secret admirer, but in reverse--I had a secret hater--something that intrigued the Hell out of me.) So I thought that was interesting UNTIL I saw Snoopy!  I sent my second manuscript, a YA fantasy, to the copy store again (the place where Snoopy works.)  The whole time she processed my order, I thought, Did she read my blog?  Did she read it?  Does she know I tried on her pants before altering them?

I know I sounded nuts as I babbled about everything because the thing is that I LIKE Snoopy.  She's an awesome girl.  I just found it funny that she googled my name before meeting me--something I'd probably do.  It was equally funny that she wanted me to hem her pants, I tried them on and loved them so much my Mom bought me a pair.  Then to beat all odds, the zipper busted and my mom took them back to trade them for a new pair.   

This whole story has just gone from funny--TO NUTS--a classic example of why I started this blog.  Crazy stuff happens to me!  Here are the stories if you haven't read them and want to know why I freaked out when I saw Snoopy:

So, I kept thinking she was "anonymous."  Maybe she thought I was in Junior High--friendless and pimple ridden.  I freaked out as she helped me because something seemed wrong.  I thought her lips bit into each other judgmentally.  Then I realized it was because she was staring at my pants! 

As I wrote above, my mom took the broken zipper pants (which were just like Snoopy's) back and she got me a second pair.  I forgot I'd worn them to the copy store.  I know Snoopy thought it was strange that I had a pair of pants just like the ones I'd altered for her.  She probably even thought they were her exact pants!

But the fact was, they weren't.  As I watched her eyes, I realized something.  She hadn't read my blog or she'd know they weren't her Vigoss tight fitters!  She wasn't anonymous!

"Nice pants," she said.

"Yeah, can you believe my mom bought me a pair just like yours?"

I worried then; maybe she had read my blog.  Maybe that kid knew all my secrets--that I'd tried on her pants--that I felt really bad about it and thought that's why the zipper broke on my first pair.

But Snoopy surprised me by smiling innocently. She still didn't know I'd tried her pants on and somehow she hadn't found my blog yet. "Talk about a sign," she said seriously. She really thought it was a sign that my mom bought me the same pants. Snoopy is awesome, she's already proved it TWICE! I wish more people would be as happy and up-beat as she is.  She didn't ask me another thing and that was perfect by me.  I know that girl is golden.

So, that was the first thing that happened yesterday.  It turned out okay; it wasn't until I got back home, that I wanted to shrivel up and go visit I Dream of Genie! 

When I walked up to my front porch, two towels sat folded, waiting for me on my doorstep.  If you don't understand this, then you need to read my previous post.  About The Melon Girl who sucker punched me.

That woman (my supposed friend) took two of my towels, and apparently after reading my blog, she came back.  A note rested atop the towels.

Here's EXACTLY what it said:

Dear Vicous Blogger and Babysitter-

Here are your dam towels.  
I can't believe you wrote about me on a public blog!  after years of friend ship.
There clothes weren't rags and I'm shocked you through them away!
I'm sure you want to put this on your blog, but think twice!
Don't bother calling me ever again!

Melon Girl

So, she was pretty brutal (brutally honest,) but on the bright side, at least I got some towels back and--the guts to post this--the same gall she obviously has.  She pissed me off last week, but I'm glad she's not as anonymous as some.  I respect that.  If I had to pick an enemy, at least I picked one with real class.  I guess I'm really blogging my life now.  At least it's interesting albeit stressful.

I got sucker punched . . . TWICE.  First when she took my towels and then when she brought them back.  I wouldn't have posted that letter except that I'm sick and tired of being bullied.  I've been a push-over my whole life.  Today's the day that I won't take it any more.  

To Melon Girl,
Thanks for the towels and for being such an avid follower. 

Me (the one who thought twice)

P. S.  Thanks for returning these towels, but on closer inspection, neither of them belong to me!?
I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings, but sometimes the truth needs to be said.  If you want to talk about this, you have my number (and so does Mary.)

Side note:
While writing this blog, a strange turn of events occurred.
I was informed that The Melon Girl who left the note on my doorstep, was far from the person I'd expected her to be.

I can't wait to write about it tomorrow.  You'll never believe this!