Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Alchemy By Mike Wood --You need to read this book!!!

This book is an amazing adventure and a powerful coming of age story.  Mike Wood is a master storyteller.  His writing shines from the very first chapter where you see Al as a far different kid from the one he ends up becoming.  I felt like a child again experiencing the magic only a carefully woven tale can offer, reading for the first time as I learned about Albert E. and his determination to find his father.

The characters in this book are real and heartwarming.  I rooted for them the whole way, while clutching after any clue I found about Al's missing father.  It's rare to discover a book where I love the main characters quite this much and know I'll never forget their story.

This is a find I'll be recommending to family and friends.  
If you'd like to read a wonderfully written story that you can enjoy again and again--

I highly recommend Mike Wood's Alchemy.