Friday, December 21, 2012

Prophetic Child! MUST WATCH as he predicts the end of the world.

COMPLETELY unscripted. 
Because let's face it--being four makes it hard to remember endless dialogue! 
Really though, the Scribe and Hippie are training the Zombie Elf to be an actor. Don't believe me? Watch this.
His single word "SUCKS" was so well-timed and perfectly cued. He did a great job, but I have to admit that my favorite parts were the outtakes--all nine of them because they all ended the same and made me laugh so hard I could have peed my pants. 
Yes, I'm terrible. 
Take 2  

Take 5

Well, I'm taking off to play my violin and speak at another school today. I'm so glad the world didn't end. ;)


  1. The Hurricane wouldn't watch all the videos with me. She said, I don't like children. I said, But this is your niece and nephew. She got up and left the room, cursing a bit (well, more than a bit because she dropped the f-bomb). Anyway, Grandma thought the videos were hilarious. SUCKS!


  2. There's still time to submit these for Oscar consideration!!

  3. LOL too funny, just him saying sucks worked great, well timed indeed.