Wednesday, December 19, 2012

All I Want for Christmas--Featuring the Scribe

    You've heard about her crazy antics, now you get to see her in person--and the Zombie Elf who always likes being the star of these videos.

Look what else I found on the camera. . . . 

(I LOVE his little reaction after she hugs him.  AND I'd still like to know who gave him gum!)

If you'd like to watch another video like this--where these darling hooligans play a prank on me, please go HERE.


  1. LOL she sure is the star and the zombie elf puts on quite the show too.

  2. LOVE IT--& I love her shirt, too!

  3. Oh, My Darling Scribe, how I shall pray that you receive a computer so when I am a little old lady and you are elected president, I'll be able to say I knew it was going to happen. People will think I'm a prophet.