Monday, December 17, 2012

Get Published--an opportunity--in the Myths & Legends Anthology

Ever wished to be like Zeus so you could live forever, lounge around all day, send your demigod kids to vanquish monsters, live through a boat ride down the river Styx?  Isn't it a bit annoying how flawlessly good-looking the gods are?  How Aphrodite just happens to have everything: beauty, love, A JOB?  Poseidon always get the girl.  Ares still wants warafter centuries of it.  Hestia would never dream of burning a homemade meal or eating fast food!  Pandora is as nosy as an aspiring reporter and Hades continues to be 'the next best thing.'
    Well, that's all about to change. . . .


In November 2013, Wayman Publishing will release Open Doors: Monstrous Myths and Legends in which authors write their own hilarious, unique, or even tragic versions of myths and other well-known legends.  
If you'd like to submit a 2,000 word (or less) story or poem for this YA/Adult project, please go HERE.


  1. Putting yourself through the grind once more I see haha the cat will have to see what he can do, funny enough a children's book is being done right now with Zeus.

  2. I want to be Athena -- warrior goddess.