Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Easter Elf

The Hippie got into the Easter spirit this morning.  She disappeared upstairs for about an hour and when she came back down, she cheered with excitement, "The Easter Elf came to our house!  I swear he's been here."

"The Easter Elf?" I paused, was he like the Easter bunny, but with elf ears and a pointy nose?

"Oh, he's a great guy.  I know he's been here because he left a bunch of notes in our rooms."

We all went upstairs and discovered The Hippie hadn't lied.  Notes rested all around our clean rooms.  She'd straightened the entire upstairs and that's when I could not wait for her to see the little plants in the backyard.

So, remember how she's been planting eggs?  Well, like I wrote earlier, Cade found some eggs The Hippie had planted and in the middle of the night last night, he replaced them with grapevines.  When we showed The Hippie and The Scribe, you would have thought they'd gone Sky Diving and lived--they were that happy!  Their little eyes lit with wonderment.

"The Easter Elf," The Hippie squealed.  "He's real.  He really is real!"

I chuckled and after that, Cade and his dad hid some eggs for the kids.  We'd invited his dad, and Grandma Gertie over for the day--I think they're in love!

Anyway, The Hippie and The Scribe held a meeting as their daddy and granddad hid eggs.

"Whoever finds the most eggs, wins," The Scribe said.

"Wins what?" The Hippie asked. 

The Scribe stroked her chin.  "Hmmm . . .  How about a playdate with whoever they want?"

"Sounds fair!"  They shook on it, not even noticing that I'd listened to their verbal contract.

"Ready . . . set . . . go!" I said. 

Doctor Jones (my one-year-old screamed with Easter-love.)  The Zombie Elf stomped on an egg and my oldest girls ran with excitement.  That's when something strange happened.  Not only did they find eggs on the ground, they started trying to dig up the ones they'd buried MONTHS AGO!  Let me tell you my horror when Grandma Gertie and I turned to see this:
and this:

I'd never thought a simple egg hunt would lead to so many holes in my yard!

"I'm gonna win!" The Scribe yelled.

"I'd like to see you try!"  The Hippie shot her a glance of victory as she delved her hands into the ground.

I gasped and covered my mouth.  "Can you smell anything?" I asked Gertie.  "Will the old eggs be colder?"

"I don't know, Hon.  Maybe throw out the ones that are covered in dirt."

I tried to act nonchalant, but inside I did a freaky pee-pee dance.  If they found any old eggs, I just knew I would die.

"What happened to all the eggs?" The Scribe suddenly asked The Hippie.  "They're all gone.  Did you find any?"

"Nope," the words drifted from The Hippie's mouth.  "This sounds like the work of the Easter Elf."

I nearly died of laughter and happiness--they hadn't found any old eggs--life seemed golden once again!

So, at the end of the hunt I couldn't believe it when the girls got eighteen eggs each.  The Zombie Elf (my two-year-old who is no relation to the Easter Elf) found three eggs and Doctor Jones came in last place with one VERY BIG M & M filled egg.

Now that I know that The Easter Elf actually did find all the eggs my children buried, I feel so happy inside.  Jesus died for my sins, He rose from the dead and I don't have to deal with any more rotten eggs.  Life is good.

How was your Easter?

Oh and here's one of the Easter dresses I made.  The Hippie wanted a fairy Easter dress and The Scribe wanted a pirate-like Easter dress. 

Here's The Hippie's dress:


  1. OMG this all sounds so funny but awesome at the same time LOL. :D
    and the dress is beautiful :)

  2. I love the dress,and thanks for sharing a part of your world.I like to read your blog it's so interesting.

  3. Thanks so much :0) Those bubble dresses are fun to make.

  4. Gorgeous dress! You're very talented, my dear.

    Happy Easter!

  5. The Easter Elf is a wise Elf. Grape vines look healthy even with the yucky weather. I would say you are very fortunate they didn't find any rotten eggs. hahaha. As usual they look darling. Good job on the dresses.