Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Indiana Jones and the Bunny of Doom

My baby is something special.  She's almost fifteen months old and has no desire to walk.  That kid can crawl faster than a three-legged cheetah.  She can stand for hours (as long as her Zombie Elf brother isn't around.)  Her reflexes are better than a pure blood ninja AND she's smart like a famous professor--Indiana Jones.  So if you haven't guessed it yet, she's baby Indiana on a good day.  (Imagine how amazing she'll be after she's walking!)

For all those reasons and more. . . That's why I like to call her "Dr. Jones."


Yesterday, a great friend of mine asked Dr. Jones to model some clothes.  I thought that would be great, but when we got there, a huge surprise waited for us.  My friend wanted the ninja baby to model with a bunch of tiny bunnies!

Dr. Jones' eyes lit with excitement.  I know what that adventurer thought about.  She's only had one Easter, but knows enough to tell when treasure's in her midst.  After all, how many one-year-olds get to meet the Easter Bunny face-to-face.

The Real Easter Bunny rested regally in the back of the room, far from Dr. Jones' sight.  Its nose twitched, watching her grandchildren "or henchmen" who played with my daughter and faced the greatest peril they'd ever seen.  The bunnies bounced around, playing happily.  Dr. Jones giggled and laughed, acting as if she didn't have a plan, but now I know the truth--it was a ruse.  The whole time, that child wanted to get to the grandmother of the bunnies. She wanted a cadbury egg! 

As those bunnies played, Dr. Jones reached out and snatched one in her grasp.  She held it at eye level.  Have you ever heard that babies have special powers?  Well, I think it's true.  Dr. Jones talked to that bunny.  She interrogated it--Jones style!  I know she did, because they stared at each other in a weird way.  Dr. Jones used some famous line like, "I'm after fortune and glory, kid.  Fortune and glory.  Tell me where the Easter bunny is!"

The baby bunny twitched its nose.

"If you won't give up her location, then tell me where the candy is."  Dr. Jones stopped smiling.  "Where are you hiding it!"

The bunny blinked.

"I'm a scientist, nothing shocks me, now tell me where it is.  It's more important than the grail now," Jones said.

I ran and rescued the bunny at that point.  The second Dr. Jones quit smiling, I knew she'd stop at nothing until she got the treasure.  She's the happiest baby in the world, until you make her mad.  And that bunny hadn't answered any of her questions--it was traveling down a road to darkness.  

As I held that furry, ball of sweetness, Doctor Jones jetted toward the grandmother of all bunnies!  Maybe the bunny I held was a turncoat.  Maybe it had given up the Easter Bunny's location!

I watched as my daughter sped across the room and cooed to the grandmother rabbit.  That creature was regal, something legends are told of.  When its nose twitched it went up in the air, and moved quite slowly.  It reminded me of Grandma Ger-tay--someone amazing who has a way with even the smallest children.

I couldn't believe Dr. Jones just talked to her so casually, without bowing or bestowing some sweet compliment.  Dr. Jones, glanced around, realizing her time was short.  The army of baby bunnies bounded toward her, ready to attack because she'd made it to the grand rabbit's chambers.  The baby talked fast then, gathering as much information as she could.  The bunnies hopped closer, closer.  I saw fear run through Dr. Jones' eyes.  She knew she might die at the paws of those bunnies.  She's heard the stories about how male rabbits eat their own young.  But just as the ninja bunnies were about to attack, my sweet friend picked up my baby and the Easter Bunny!  She placed them both in front of the camera, put the Easter Bunny's grandchildren behind bars and started taking pictures.

Dr. Jones clapped!  She smiled and laughed.  She could hardly believe she'd been granted an audience with the Easter Bunny.  I watched the two of them and giggled.  I knew Dr. Jones learned a lesson she'd never forget.  She'd won the Easter Bunny's favor--not something just any baby can do.  She knew she might not get any candy, but that didn't matter anymore.   She'd done something great--something fantastic.  That was the day Dr. Jones met the Easter Bunny!


My friend is an amazing photographer and seamstress.

You should check out her awesome blog: Shear Luck Enterprises


  1. Your head is in the strangest place and I love it! Sure would love to see those pictures :) Dr. Jones and the easter bunny...lol!

  2. I am very jealous! I was looking for someone that had bunnies so I could do a shoot with Cora, but no such luck :(

  3. She's so darling she makes the bunny look good and I loove bunnies!

  4. So funny - great way to start my day!

  5. HOw cute and funny!!! Kids are awesome!! I am your newest follower from the finding new friends blog hop over the weekend. I am one of the hosts! Stopping by to say hi. Sorry for the delay in following I was out with the flu all weekend!! Hope to see ya on all my blogs :)




  6. BUUUUUUUNNIEEEEEEEEES! Rabbits are so precious!
    Also, I just wanted to say that you have the most beautiful way of seeing the world! Most people would have just seen a baby talking to a rabbit, and you made a whole Indiana Jones story out of it?! That's truly a gift!

  7. Dr. Jones! No more parachutes!
    No doubt your little cherub would be able to roll quickly through a fastly closing booby trap! Too cute!

  8. I love bunnies too but don't have quite the same way with them as Dr. Jones.

    Thanks for the follow.