Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Today is such a beautiful day.  Isn't it amazing what Jesus did for us?  I already wrote an Easter post--pretty prematurely--here it is if you're interested:  Flirting With Death

Anyway, I'm excited because The Hippie has still been planting eggs like mad.  She's constantly grabbing apples, eggs, grapes--anything she think will grow into a tree--and planting them.  Well, last night Cade went and bought some grape vines to put where she'd planted four colored eggs! 

The Hippie is such a hoot.  That darling just wants to have a green thumb, which is sad since nothing she plants ever grows.  I can't wait to see her face today.  We're going to call it the Easter miracle.

I'll post more tonight after I find out what the kids think of the miracle and the new clothes I made them.  I'm really excited! 

I hope you'll have a fantastic start to your day!


  1. Happy Easter to you and your family. Enjoy!
    Soon I will be off to my Parents, so it should be a really nice day:)

  2. Happy Easter dear friend! Hope your Easter miracle give you many years of sweet fruit. lol I hope the Hippie is doing better today? Let me know.Tell the kids I said hi and give them lots of hugs!

  3. Happy Easter...your enthusiasm has brightened my day...Jim

  4. Happy Easter Elisa! Can't wait to read about the kids' surprises! I'm following, too.

  5. Happy Easter! Talk to you soon.

  6. Happy Easter to you and your family.... sounds like you'll have a lovely day. Love always xoxo