Monday, July 29, 2013

Memory Monday: Sand Jumping

My post is late today.  And honestly I'm really sad.  I'll tell you more about that tomorrow when I feel like sharing.  Right now I could cry--again.
    So, since I don't want to cry anymore, I'm going to post a video that makes me smile even when I'm sad. 
    This is my eight-year-old, the Hippie.  (Her birthday is Friday.)

And finally, my post for memory Monday:

That night, I had another dream that I went sand jumping with The Boarder, but the sand had turned to mud. When I landed, big rocks gouged my feet and legs. I rolled to the bottom of the hill, but no one was there to catch me.

-Excerpt from "Bible Girl & the Bad Boy"

This is symbolic of my realization that my childhood had truly ended.

If life weighs me down too much, I'll dream about this again, about having fun with my old best friend, only to land on rocky ground.  Do you ever dream about symbolic things like this? Longing for youth?

Cade and I visited the place where I used to go sand jumping.  Here's a picture of me there--Cade said it would make a cool shot if I stood on the van (too bad my right shoe got stuck in the mirror and it took some persistence to get it out).

 photo van_zps78a17ad2.jpg

Then after navigating my way onto the van, I had a difficult time getting down!

It was an adventure though.
Why dream about youth when I can have so much fun now?

I'll tell you tomorrow, why I'm so sad today.
--I hope you're having a great day.--