Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How to get a TV Interview!

Well, I'm in shock, but on 7/23/13 
I'm going to be LIVE on TV HERE. 
I've been trying to get a TV interview for three years, and now I think I finally found what works.  Check out the advice below.

#1 Write a press release.  
    The key to writing a good press release is having something that is concise (400-600 words), timely, and--most of all--newsworthy.  Don't send out a release about how your book/product is so amazing blah blah blah, unless you have a timely reason to send it out AND something that reporters/journalists know will interest their audience.  I'm using PRWebs.  But there are many other great ways to send out releases.  Just do your research.
Has your book/product been out for a year?  Did it just come out?  Are you having a special event to promote your business/merchandise?  Are some of the profits going to charity?
  All of these are GREAT reasons to write a release.

Interest the Audience--Interest the Program Director!
    Additionally, make sure the press release will hook the reader with an awesome headline and intro that SHOWS why it's newsworthy.

NOTE: I did this.  And although it got me several radio interviews, it didn't land me that coveted TV interview.
Remember: keep trying, persevere

#2 Write a pitch.
This should be a short email (2-3 paragraphs), selling your interview idea.  Think of the station.  Do your research.  Who's their main audience?  Why would they be interested in what you have to say?  Once you have those answers, put them into your pitch.

#3 Check out local stations & join HARO (stands for Help a Reporter Out)
Now that your general pitch is ready, let's hone it! Find out the program director's name.  Make sure you include info from #2--why would this interest their specific audience?  If you're responding to a HARO query, do research before sending a short pitch.

All right, that's my advice for today.
I'm soooo excited!

Now that we've talked about how to land a TV interview, I'll write later this week about how to prepare for the interview once you've gotten it.  Pretty fun--since this is my first time being interviewed on TV and I'm just learning too!  Ahhhhh.  

P.S. Want to know what my timely/audience-appealing pitch was about?  I'll be talking about Zeke and my new audiobook of The Golden Sky narrated by Alexandra Haag. 

Purchase "The Golden Sky" Audiobook Version HERE
I hope it'll help someone else out there AND that Zeke will be honored through the whole thing.  Do you think people can watch KSL in Heaven?

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