Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Vote for Ruby! She's a gem!

    Thanks to everyone who helped come up with a slogan for the Scribe.  We picked Inger's--because it's AWESOME.  If you haven't read Inger's blog, you should really check it out.  Here's that link: Desert Canyon Living

    The Scribe will find out the election results soon.  I'm excited.  This whole process has been fun, just seeing her work so hard.  Even if she doesn't win, she's learned a lot.

 photo re_0096.jpg
The Scribe wearing a "Musketeer" set I made for her a few years ago.  That kid is all business!
 photo re_0100.jpg
    Also, I had something wonderful happen today!  If you'd like to find out what it was, please go here: Today's Heroes