Saturday, March 9, 2013

The Scribe is Running for President. We need YOUR help!

Do you know of any campaign slogans that might be cute for the Scribe?
     If you've read The Golden Sky, you know her name is Ruby.

How about:
     Vote for Ruby . . . Making the world sparkle since 2001.

  She's no newbie, vote for Ruby.
  Ruby--vote for a gem! 

    I'm racking my brain for ideas, but I keep coming up with THE DUMBEST lines!  Take this one for example:

    Better than Chuck Norris, vote for Ruby.

And the internet searches aren't too helpful either.  I'm finding pictures of people with fingers up their noses--Pick a Winner!

Or this . . .

I did find a slogan generator.  It's pretty hilarious.  Go here to check it out: The pcman Website
    If you find a slogan for yourself, I hope you'll share it with me. 

    This is the one it generated for me:
Elisa . . . Loaded for Bear  

    See why I need your input!   

Thanks in advance,
A Desperate Mother!