Friday, June 4, 2021

Make the Most of What You Have

They admitted me to the hospital last week because the cancer treatments started hurting my liver. I guess they’re just working a little too well.

Anyway, I got so bored at the hospital that I had a fashion shoot in the bathroom. The nurses would’ve killed me if they knew because I was supposed to be resting. Oh well ... I think they thought I was pooping.

But ... in other news, they let me out last Saturday, and I’m feeling MUCH better. It’s so nice to not be in as much pain today. Thank God for good days—and for modern medicine. 

I’m loving having the summer with my kids and my husband. Being with them and working from home is just about the best thing ever.


  1. A stay in hospital at times is needed and it's good youare home now, enjoying your family

  2. Get well soon
    Praveen CEO, KWP Global Events
    KWP Global Events