Sunday, June 13, 2021

Do Trials Come in Threes?

 I took a picture after deciding to show you my arm—that’s bruised from constant cancer labs—when suddenly a massive part of our tree blew down in the backyard. I simply had to laugh out loud because this happened after water damage in our basement and the death of our A/C unit. 

(My arm = the smallest of my worries.)

So, let’s play the “glad game.”

#1 At least the tree didn’t hit our house.

#2 The repairs to the basement are gonna be awesome!

#3 Mike, my brother, and my nephew (Neo) already fixed the A/C unit—and I think they had fun doing it. (They even went and got death-hot wings after.)

So, this afternoon Mike, Trey, and I went outside and took pictures. We figured our family can look at this one of two ways: We lost a great tree or we got free firewood. 

Thank God Mike just built us a firepit. #FistPump #ComingUpRoses

I might still have cancer, but I’m gonna have s’mores now too. Blam! I’m the luckiest!


  1. You're selfless, loving, strong willed and beautiful. To think about your loved one's even when you face tough times and feel lucky about it, reflects your own kindness. I am glad to come across you, through Dee's post. You've got lovely smile and caring people around you. I pray for your strength and health, and may you defeat every bit of illness that's bothering you and may it never come back again. May you heal fully and gets to enjoy your life without fear. May nothing worse, ever holds you back. Sending you love, hugs, hope and light along your way. Take care and keep smiling.

  2. You are such an amazing and strong woman

  3. My glad game for you is: I'm so glad you have the guys, the kids, your family, Dee, and other friends too. Your violin, your words and the beauty that's not only on the outside (although that's so beautiful) but more importantly in your heart. And, of course, I'm also so glad that big tree didn't hit you in the head as it fell. And talk about head, so glad the cancer is no longer in your brain.